The Shark Napowrimo Day #13

We of buoyant weighty||belly bursting open
dance on daylight’s glances||daunting mist releases
Blue bauble waves embed||graven tears burst forward
as a sheathed-eye Eros||scours sparkling sand

Process notes: This is from one of Joseph Harker’s prompts, which I have been avoiding. I am not even sure that the end product is correct, but here it is. Here is a link to his site:


10 responses to “The Shark Napowrimo Day #13

  1. My confused morning brain told me that you were describing Napowrimo as a shark! To me, Napo is becoming more of a ball and chain than something with buoyancy!

  2. Ha ha ha! No, Viv, this is about, well, sharks. Napo is another entity. Honestly, I was too tired to write something new yesterday, so edited this and put it up.

  3. I read Joseph Harker’s prompts, and that’s about it. LOL.
    I commend you for writing to them.

  4. Mary, this poem??? (ahem) has been sitting in a word document for two months. Last night I decided to bring it to life.

  5. is this kind of a cleave? it could work that way…nice vivid descriptors…the belly bursting and graven…

  6. No, Brian, it is my personal debauchery of a Scandinavian poetic form, lol. Which I cannot remember the name of right now.

  7. This poem reminds me of a cleave poem, as Brian suggested. Your work is always rich with beautiful imagery!

    And, I am struggling with NaPo!

  8. Join the club, Marianne. I am struggling, that is why I resurrected this poem, when I should have left it to die, peacefully. LOL!

  9. I love the shark poem, and am now interested in cleave poetry. hmm… Thanks Pamela. A fringe benefit of NaPo is the added exposure to ideas. I love this month, even if it does tire me out. LoL

  10. Brenda, I don’t think it is supposed to be a cleave poem, but oddly enough it seems to have turned into one. 🙂

I appreciate all comments.

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