Where We Live Napowrimo Day #14

Buildings scan embodied space,
giving them life, personalities

Immurement, tucked deep,
away from our eyes; we still feel it

*I am tired*

9 responses to “Where We Live Napowrimo Day #14

  1. I’m sorry you are tired. Tuck yourself up for a quiet Sunday.

  2. get some rest…a nap perhaps…smiles…i like the word play in the first line…

  3. Perhaps you’ve been working too hard, Pam! Have a breather why not!


  4. I think working one’s way through NaPoWriMo contributes to ‘tired.’ But it is exciting as well.

  5. Sleep and maybe you will dream your next poem. Five minutes at the keyboard, completed, no editing, perfection. That is what I wish for you.

    You sent me off googling “immurement,” what a great word. Thank you.

  6. One of the main reasons I refuse to participate in this month long day by day marathon writes is because it would wear me out too much, both mentally and physically too. Hope you can get some sleep or, rest.

  7. Do not let NaPo wear you down although, really, I admit I have been sitting here for an hour trying to get inspired. Immurement is a great word. Lovely little poem, Pam!

    You have inspired me for tomorrow. I will write something short, and perhaps, sweet! Four lines is perfect!

  8. Pamela, I have missed your words. Thanks for visiting. Good luck with NAPOWRIMO. I’m sure you’ll get your second wind,


  9. Yup, I am tired, and I have a feeling it won’t get better soon. LOL.

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