Popocatépetl Visits Napowrimo Day #17

Your chariots rise
within terracotta walls,
magma moves on matrix exaltations,

subtle, smoking ash flutters,
piling city sidewalks,
settling in teary eyes

Your molten fantasias flame
evening sky, courted by
ocean’s apocalypse ghost

Process notes: I woke up today to some unsettling news, and this photo.Those lights below happen to be where we live. Though no-one here seems that phased by it (we are only 25 miles from this volcano!). Several co-workers told me me today, “This will pass, it is nothing” Really, how can they be so sure? I simply don’t take nature’s anger so lightly. We are in a phase 3 alert, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, oh my!!! Well, this had to be written.


10 responses to “Popocatépetl Visits Napowrimo Day #17

  1. I would be scared silly. Odd, but your description also fits the news photos from today, video of a “solar event” — spectacular.

    • Barb, I am not so scared, but rather perplexed by others attitude about it. I suppose if you have lived in this area all your life and nothing horrible has happened you can own that thought. I however, don’t feel the same. I know we can’t control mother nature, and it is just plain silly to think nothing can or will happen. I remember Mt. Saint Helen. This volcano is much larger, over twice its size in height.

  2. My friend, I would prefer it if you moved house – as far as possible away from the menace, which your poem makes chillingly fearsome.

    • Not so easy Viv. We have our dogs, a cat and a bird. Right now there is ash all over everything outside and inside. Apparently he is still spewing rocks and ash. They think it could be for months. We are experiencing small seismic shocks from his activity. I have noticed it, on and off, for about a week. Sometimes I will be walking and I can literally feel the earth moving under my feet. On a very small scale of course.

  3. Awesome write and pic…but what a scary reality to live with right now! I will say a pray for your safety!

    This is my fave line by the way:

    “Your molten fantasias flame
    evening sky, “

  4. Wow, Pamela. I would be on high alert, or outta there. Be safe. I love “magma moves on matrix exaltations…”

  5. I’m with Brenda: I love “magma moves on matrix exaltations.” Gorgeous writing, Pamela. Scary subject.

    I’d be nervous! Have you got a bag packed, in case you have to leave in a hurry?

  6. Marianne, we are prepared in case of an immediate evacuation. Problem is where we would stay with our menagerie.

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