“Lilian” Napowrimo Day #18

A peony cut, trimmed,
arranged in cut crystal;

eyes of innocence

searching for musical words
in the wind

Process notes: Dedicated to one of my third grade students, who astonished me with her short story today. I will post it this weekend. I am much too tired right now. These kids are wearing me out!

6 responses to ““Lilian” Napowrimo Day #18

  1. This is a beautiful little poem. “Café-coloured eyes of innocence” is lovely. I really admire you, Pamela, for doing NaPo with everything else you have going on.

  2. A sweet rendering in words, Pamela.

  3. Beautiful, Pamela. I understand ‘worn out.’ I used to teach 4th grade! LOL.

  4. this is like a breath of fresh air…and having chaperoned the 3rd grade yesterday, i am a bit worn today…

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