Cats and Tears Napowrimo Day #19

Sadness struggles through your veins
Sir Sadness, he is cruel!

Colourless at once, luminous lines,
deep caverns, no reflections,
empty with tears,
never asking questions of lost virtue

A cat’s laughter is subtle,
full of lightness

Salt burns when rubbed too deeply;
salt never speaks …

process notes: I wrote an opposite of Sylvia Plath’s “Kindness” poem, but only half of it.

5 responses to “Cats and Tears Napowrimo Day #19

  1. Pamela, I commend you for giving this challenge a try! And yes, Sir Sadness IS indeed cruel.

  2. Bravo! I love the way this turned out. Now I’m thinking I should give this prompt a try.

  3. nice…those last two stanzas leap off the page…as they stand out against the focus on the face in the first part….i really like this…

  4. Wonderful work, Pamela. I’m with Brian…it’s those last two stanzas. I love this piece.

  5. Thanks everyone. I would like to try this exercise again, but with a different poet.

I appreciate all comments.

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