A Reality Napowrimo Day # 20

My wet feet, an aggravated
washer continues to slosh,
I feel assaulted this evening


7 responses to “A Reality Napowrimo Day # 20

  1. Oh dear! Poor Pamela. I hope it’s soon fixed.

  2. It is SO irritating when something is in need of repair, especially when facing a WEEKEND.

  3. oy there are def nights like that…at least your drier did not catch fire..ours did a few months ago…but water can be just as destructive…

  4. Well penned, Pamela! We totally depend on our modern conveniences, don’t we? But what about the volcano? Has it calmed down?

  5. Everything goes on the fritz at inopportune times. Keep us updated on the volcano, Pamela. It was on National Public Radio. Makes me a wee bit nervous for you….

  6. Saw an AP photo in our morning paper. Headline reads, “17,886-foot Popocatepetl erupts in Mexico.” People from a small village were waiting in line for bottled water.

  7. Hi everyone, I am fine. Though occasionally, and daily I feel seismic activity. Thanks for the well wishes.

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