Señora Napowrimo Day # 21

“Mis manos no somos vacios”
She says divinity waits for no-one,
while placing flor de calabasa
on a cracked, clay comal

Together we watch; smoking
spirals kiss an ash-laden day

My hands are not vacant

Process notes: this is about the woman round the corner from my home. She told me today, “Mis manos no somos vacios”, which literally means “I am always busy”.


4 responses to “Señora Napowrimo Day # 21

  1. Empty hands are useless hands. I love to use mine, too.

  2. I love that saying, Pamela. It expresses my reality too. If not my hands, my mind. LOL.

  3. Love this, Pamela! Simple words, simple actions, great poem.

  4. Mary, it is a lovely saying. It just rolls of the tongue. Thanks all.

I appreciate all comments.

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