Serpents Napowrimo Day # 27

Watching a stone vessel
tumbling weightless,
you catch it midway

I notice snakes writhing,
awaiting release from
an ancient tomb — coiled

You show me today
through endless tomorrows
I refuse to look away


9 responses to “Serpents Napowrimo Day # 27

  1. this is really enchanting…the first stanza is easy to see…the saved cup from falling…been there…which makes the snakes writhing in the second pop a bit as it is more surprising…and the third is a nice bring back to some kind of normalcy and hope…

  2. A strong voice underscores the piece…it makes me believe that final stanza. I love this piece, Pamela. The image of the snakes writhing does not creep me out….it makes me want to look more closely. Excellent write.

  3. Vivid images here, Pamela. Writing snakes DO, however, creep me out.

  4. Gorgeous writing! “You show me today through endless tomorrows” is a spectacular line! Just 2 more!!!!!!!

  5. Marianne, you are much too kind. I am feeling overwhelmed with napo this year. I do have a 4-day weekend, and am hoping for a second wind this weekend. Who knows?

I appreciate all comments.

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