“Rejuvenating, Exhilarating, It is May First” Napowrimo # 30

As northern winds blow through southern
plains, girls gather sprigs,
handling them gently

rainbow, coloured streamers
lay in open fields;
deft fingers tie braids,
alternating ancestral angles,

humming in choral tune while
erecting the maypole,
raising prayers

Flora gazes down:
they sing, dance, rejoice,
washing fresh faces in morning dew,
splitting the year in half — a celebration

process notes: I actually cannot believe I made it through this month. I’ve written some pap, and there are many times I thought I couldn’t continue, but I did. Here is a cheer to all my poetry friends for going on this insane journey with me and others.
Happy writing to all …


17 responses to ““Rejuvenating, Exhilarating, It is May First” Napowrimo # 30

  1. Don’t know why this 30/30 was so much harder than last, but…whew.

    I like that “alternating ancestral angles” and erecting/raising

    • Barb, this year I hardly had time to write, let alone read others. I stopped linking over at WWP, as I knew I couldn’t possibly give my time to earnestly read and comment. I am glad I can breathe again.

  2. Congrats Pam! I followed Haiku Heights for April for once a day haiku . Even then missed a few.


  3. Bravo! We did it! You wrote some beautiful poems, Pamela! Love your “Tribute to May” poem! Thanks for inspiring me to keep going! See you at The Whirl!

  4. Hoo rah! We’re there, thank you for the maypole image, and the “alternating ancestral angles.” Love this one. It was nice to reconnect more regularly this month. Write on, my friend, write on.

  5. You reminded me of May Day here. I always used to make May baskets when I was a child and hang them on neighbors’ doors. Haven’t thought about that in a long time. And yes, maypoles too. So many old traditions lost. Congratulations on finishing NaPoWriMo, Pam. Me too. Now we can breathe.

  6. Lovely poem! And congrats on surviving Poetry Month!

  7. A fitting contribution to a sunny May Day morning. Now that Napo’s over, we have time to play again!

    • Viv, this month was exhausting for me. I am looking at many revisions, I believe writing some of these pieces does leave us with ideas to play with. The sun is just now peaking out from behind the clouds here. I am hoping for a nice day. I go back to work tomorrow.

  8. def made me think of may day as well….gathered round the may pole…it is a rather beautiful thing to watch. have not seen one in years…congrats on completing your 30…way nice just to let it sit yesterday and not feel the pressure to write…ha.

  9. Thank you, Brian. You have been a great support this month. I appreciate it more than words can express.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful celebration, Pamela.

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