“En La Mañana con Café Solo” The Sunday Whirl #55

When Saturday arrived, Friday had
left its cobalt print,
emerging nighttime dreams
into daytime’s awareness

A hook, digging in,
removing dubious strands,
dotting greenery as

a landscape’s knife slices
the sky’s veins, leaving
contrasts on poinsettia petals

aligning before me, winking,
wilted, chanceless …

Everything’s clear, watching
birds bathe sunshine;
nothing grinds
morning’s vibrations


39 responses to ““En La Mañana con Café Solo” The Sunday Whirl #55

  1. I like those birds bathing sunshine. And the poinsettias aligning for you, poor things.

    • Barb, it is time to cutback the poinsettia, but my husband keeps putting it off because it is still blossoming. However, the flowers die off quickly. Which means I sweep up dead florets every other day. *sigh*

  2. Love the night leaving its cobalt imprint on day. It does, doesn’t it?

    I hope you are having a good weekend, Pamela. I am missing seeijng you around!

    • It does that, Margo. I am having a relaxing weekend. I hope you are too. I am looking forward to your Tuesday prompt, and also with hopes that I will be able to write to it 🙂 I have another four day weekend next week, yippee!

  3. Beautiful imagery. Night does tend to bring out the romantic in us, doesn’t it. There is some lovely images all through this.

  4. This is one helluva good wordle, Pamela. I like it a lot.

    • Thanks Viv. Parts of it feel clunky, but overall I like the poem. Possibly, I like more of what I am trying to say. I still feel the burn of napo. I may put this one on the revision list.

  5. I like birds bathing sunshine! What a wonderful way to express it. (We need some sun around here so that I can witness this for myself. LOL.) Nicely wordled with lots of unique images.

  6. Mary, the sun is always bright and lovely in the morning here. We are coming into rainy season, which leaves things muddy and yucky. But the rains don’t come until the late afternoon. So, the mornings are my favourite part of the day. Since, I have to be up early lately 🙂

  7. Such an engaging, delightful piece, Pamela. Love the poinsettia petals abd bird baths.

  8. When Saturday arrived, Friday had
    left its cobalt print,

    I really like that line… Almost a fairy tale quality, like finding only the glass slipper and not the princess it belongs to. And then having the wonderful morning to process and proceed in the search. Very enjoyable read – thanks.

    You can find my wordle here:

  9. Excellent writing, Pamela! I love: “When Saturday arrived, Friday had left its cobalt print” and “watching birds bathe sunshine.” Gorgeous! And I always LOVE your titles! They often seem like little poems.

  10. magicalmysticalteacher

    The “cobalt print” of Friday is an image that I will not forget anytime soon…

    “Cobalt” is a hard word to use in poetry, and you’ve conjured up a lovely image.

  11. I especially like

    a landscape’s knife slices
    the sky’s veins,

    such a different image.

  12. I love the beginning…the cobalt print of Friday. This is good writing, Pamela.

  13. You are so good at bringing your reader into the images you create. Allowing us to see, taste, even touch what you write. Hat’s off to you, my friend,


  14. you mix some nice grit in your words between knife and hook that play well against the beauty of that last moment…

  15. I like where the wordle words took you. I always enjoy your work. Write on.

  16. Good morning Pamela~ You captured Saturday’s morning vibrations. So happy “nothing grinds”.

  17. This is stunning! I have been making the rounds to see how different poets used the word “cobalt.” It was such a clumsy word to use and there was a danger of it sticking out like a sore thumb. Your use of it is seamless – congratulations! I really like this poem, especially

    “a landscape’s knife slices
    the sky’s veins, leaving
    contrasts on poinsettia petals”

    Beautiful work!

  18. I like your uniqueness, especially the “landscape’s knife…” Vivid, original, bold, dangerous.

  19. You have done it again- “winking,wilted, chanceless …”

  20. Pamela, that movement from night to day is lovely, ending in “birds bathe sunshine” – and that image of “a landscape’s knife” – wonderful.


  21. A nice write, Pamela. I like “a landscape’s knife slices
    the sky’s veins”. Your use of words is such a gift to your writing.

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