As Angels Laugh the Devil Sings The Sunday Whirl #56

She’s the goddess, who sits on a throne,
surrounded by demons in a summit of sneers

balancing her sacred limbs — so fragile,
stringing threads; forming flags of intention,

losing indigenous thoughts of significance;
morning rituals elaborated in falseness

Sometimes angels visit her


44 responses to “As Angels Laugh the Devil Sings The Sunday Whirl #56

  1. It sounds as if she needs Angels to visit her if she’s surrounded by demons. Nice write Pamela 🙂

  2. Angels do visit if you meant good despite demons around. That is true Pam! All is not lost in life’s ups and downs.


  3. My favourite part and it may have been unintentional, is the way the title reads. The devil sings the Sunday whirl is rather fun. I know, I’m odd 🙂

  4. I’m with Margo…I love the title. The last line has huge impact, Pamela. It’s a good thing. You took the words out dancing with a goddess. This is rich reading. Thank you. I also love “a summit of sneers.”

  5. enjoyed this, Pamela

  6. Hard to be a goddess surrounded by demons, I would think! Hope she has more power than they do!

  7. I too love the title! (as well as the poem, of course)

  8. Morning rituals elaborated in falseness… love that, Pamela.

  9. I like the idea of her balancing her sacred limbs, poor old gal.

  10. magicalmysticalteacher

    And when the angels visit, what do those sneering demons do? 🙂

    Whirling Haiku and Senryu

  11. balancing her sacred limbs — so fragile,
    stringing threads; forming flags of intention,

    This part gets me! Great job!

  12. Gee, thanks Hannah. Very nice of you to say 🙂

  13. “morning rituals elaborated in falseness”? This seems a very ungodly goddess.

  14. That she may be, Irene 🙂

  15. I too, love that title and often feel that way about the word list when first seeing it. Do so enjoy what you do with them. Loved your images and the flow, as usual. On my second reading, I saw a mother surrounded by pesky children and an occasional babysitter masquerading as an angel. Ah, I remember that well!


  16. What a very interesting take on it, Elizabeth. Yes, it could be. 🙂

  17. You have such a talent for this, Pamela! You said so much, so well, with just a few words! I love: “summit of sneers” and “stringing threads; forming flags of intention.” Beautiful writing!

  18. Thanks Marianne. I don’t feel so great about this, but it works I suppose.

  19. the last line stung a bit…the morning rituals…i know for many that is the quiet time or spiritual time and they can easily become just false ritual you know…losing her thought of significance as well, that is way tough…those demons will def strip you down

  20. Brian, don’t you feel for this poor soul?, lol. My mornings are the best actually. I love quiet time.

  21. Your line about morning rituals brought to mind really all rituals that sometimes are given so much more attention and honor that the actual intent, meaning, purpose is quite lost. I am guessing that is what happened to your goddess…
    In the Sookie Stackhouse books…some demons can be helpful. Perhaps that is ‘an oxymoron’ to say demons can be good? And the universe laughs. Nicely wordled!

  22. The universe does laugh at times, Jules. Thanks.

  23. Pamela, I love the expressiveness in so few words. It reaches directly to the heart…then the angel visits! 😀

  24. Pamela- I am so glad she is visited by angles. She will need them to help her overcome that summit of sneers, We all need them.

  25. Lovely stuff. The ‘summit of sneers’ so accurately describes the atmosphere of this island (Britain). Thanks for sharing……I shall read on..

  26. Thanks Leroy. I think it can describe many places, don’t you?

  27. Beautiful. Love the visiting angels.

  28. The goddess is always surrounded by demons, isn’t she? Love how you pair “significance” with “falseness”.


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