“Memories Like Silver Spoons” Prompt #105 Old beginnings

I. Snow and ice

I ran grabbing flurries,
melting in my hands,
wishing angels beneath
me with wings to take frozen flight,
as you watched crimson drops
sliding down my face — I cried

II. Buds and greenery shine

I sat cross-legged, touching dandelion
petals, kissing the day’s
wishes, ants scurrying before my
feet, moving the earth into
their kingdoms — I dreamed

III. Sun and sand

I floated on waves, buoyant,
light as a wisp of salty wind,
grazing sunlight brushing my
skin, turning it a tender, pinkish
hue, when an angry undertow pulled
my toes and tried to pull me
from you — I breathed

IV. Burnt leaves changing colours

I pounced, chanting on freshly
raked piles, mud staining my clothes,
each smear an adventure, an ending
of cycles, living and dying where
fires singed my senses — I wondered

Each season my universe …


27 responses to ““Memories Like Silver Spoons” Prompt #105 Old beginnings

  1. Each season my universe… what you have here leaves me wanting a small vignette for each year of your life! It was clever of you to divide the memories this way.

    • Margo, I am not so sure I’d like to delve into that anytime soon. The “you” in the two stanzas is my sister. She seemed to always be there when things went awry. Poor girl, I was a hand full.

  2. Gorgeous writing, Pamela! A lovely presentation of the seasons. Your titles are always so appealing.

  3. Oh, WOW, Pamela!! These are so lovely!! I love the second one, you made it SO real…I was there with those ants, dandelion dreams!

    Smiles and a good day to you!

  4. A clever way of remembering, compartmentalize them. Relating them to seasons make it more authentic. Great word play and usage, Pam!


  5. I love everything about this poem: form, thoughts, words. One of your very best.

  6. I loved how the structure and the images supported the changing seasons and even the forward movement of life, the last season showing a firmer grasp on the cycles of life which comes with age. Wonderful.

  7. really cool…i like these…the second and the fourth esp…watching the ants building their kingdoms and dreaming, you def capture a bit of the awe that is nature…the last though with the adventures…i love adventures and getting dirty is a part of it…badges for where we have been…

  8. I agree, Brian, what is an adventure without a little dirt, eh? Thanks.

  9. You brought to mind a wonderful winter memory. In the concrete city back yard of one of my grandparents after a snow…there was just enough snow for my sister and I to build a snowman. I sort of remember stiff cold hands. But that’s just because in the photo, my sister and I, each smiling ear to ear, stand proudly on each side of e the snow man. Our mittens are off dangling from the strings out of the sleeves of our coats…I think I was around three.
    Nice vignettes. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Interesting structure, Pamela, and I like how you give the descriptive and then the verb.

  11. Pamela, a lovely read, thank you. My favorites are spring and fall. They both called up childhood memories of my own. I love the way you structured this, the stanzas, the seasons, and those final two words of each stanza.


  12. Pamela, the beauty of the verses was highlighted by the format of each. Lovely.

  13. Yes Pamela, I agree whole heartedly with Viv. Wonderfully, skillfully crafted, and all that in kinship with the wonderfully “right” expression of experience in young memory. Yes, I adore everything about this poem.

    I saw the form initially, the four small parts, each with their simple structure, and each coming to their actively emotional ending phrase. Creative I thought. Then letting the words of each soak into me, how well said without an overlay of explanation, just allowing each memory experience to be as it was. This is both trusting AND generous of you as a writer. And I thought already so pleased reading this, then oh yes, there’s the four seasons here too, adding yet another level to what this poem does. So so much my pleasure to read Pamela!


  14. Simply awesome. I loved every single verse.

  15. Hi Renee. Thanks so much.

I appreciate all comments.

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