“A March Hare and A Dormouse” Self Is: Tuesday Tryouts – Margo Roby

The self… is a mythical entity… It is a philosophical muddle to allow the space which differentiates ‘my self’ from ‘myself’ to generate the illusion of a mysterious entity distinct from … the human being. (Kenny, 1988)

Mysterious, how we hide from others,
with inside-out personalities
honed in an aged wood,
a finely-tuned instrument;

the slightest strains warp it,
far-reaching Cheshire grins
showing weary lines,
their corner seams spilling out

characters from a Lewis Carroll
novel, walking ‘cross wobbly tabletops,
where china teacups clink,

conquering gravity
on tiptoes balancing; spinning
prestigious threads,
a milliner creates his world


6 responses to ““A March Hare and A Dormouse” Self Is: Tuesday Tryouts – Margo Roby

  1. Pamela, the poem is such fun and l Lewis Carroll so apt for a poem on self and what self might be.

    I am off to Missouri tomorrow, back Monday. Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Margo, I feel like I was living in Alice in Wonderland’s world, without a doubt the oddest week I have put in at the school.

  3. My ideas of ‘self’ are a muddle. I prefer yours!

  4. nice….the first stanza is really tight and set up the rest well…i think we do hide or maybe just project our best false fake but it is surprising how fast those masks fall you know….

  5. You know Brian, that is exactly what I witnessed this week in the school. It certainly surprised and befuddled me. I was quite disappointed in fact … *sigh*

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