Fantasmas Sweep Our Vision The Sunday Whirl # 60

A lone silhouette darkens these bluffs, scenery’s
vessel, where willows weep ankles,
trembled by westerly winds
Brushing her flesh, coronas shadow
laurel leaves, wasted in gloaming mud
She crawls to the edge of now,
unveiling futuristic stones,
fingernails scarlet in smoke-stained dismay


39 responses to “Fantasmas Sweep Our Vision The Sunday Whirl # 60

  1. She crawls to the edge of now…. Yikes. This is dark. Filled with powerful imagery.

  2. Dense imagery evokes a desperate scene…very concise use of the words, Pamela!

  3. Amazing, Pamela… I especially like:

    Brushing her flesh, coronas shadow
    laurel leaves, wasted in gloaming mud
    She crawls to the edge of now,

  4. I liked thinking about the ‘edge of now, unveiling futuristic stones.’ I find myself wondering what these stones will predict…or where they will lead. Nicely wordled, Pamela.

  5. You are always so economical of extra words in your wordle poems. Excellent.

  6. I love the way you blend the human and landscape elements. This is beautiful writing, Pamela.

  7. ooh, smoked-stained dismay!

  8. You blend desperation with vivid imagery, I hope you school is out soon and you go on vacation somewhere relaxing…

  9. Intense scene you’ve written. Whatever grips her, it’s something very powerful.

  10. I like the mystery woven into this. Excellent.

  11. Thank you for visiting, Peggy. I liked your poem this week also.

  12. Love the “edge of now”, emphasizes being on the very brink of something, perhaps even long sought realization. Once again, some wonderful writing Pamela,


  13. Spectacular poem, Pamela! Every line is amazing! I can’t even pick a favorite because they’re all wonderful!

  14. Often I think that the horizon of the moment, sunrise or sunset is ‘the edge of now’ always changing we never quite reach, and then the moment is gone. That’s the power of this piece for me.
    My wordle and companion piece are here:

  15. This gave me chills … “where willows weep ankles” – so hauntingly beautiful … a succinct, lovely, dark poem …

  16. Chills can be good, I suppose, Sharon. Thanks.

  17. oh my…the last three lines are just gorgeous…some great imagery and word pairing through out…the willows and ankles in particular….nice

  18. Pamela, it has a mythic quality, as of a spirit caught in a willow tree, crawling “to the edge of now”. I also like “scenery’s / vessel” – so evocative.


  19. Pamela, love what you did with these. An excellent write.

  20. Thanks so much, Walt. That is much appreciated.

  21. Enigmatic and powerful – the imagery is spectacular!

  22. Susan, thanks. I just read your lovely poem this week.

  23. Loved the “smoke-stained dismay,” and what an impact this short poem has, while employing the Wordle! Visually amazing work (in my mind’s eye, that is). Thank you for this one, hon. Amy

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