Some of the 3rd Grade

Regina, Franco, Bruno, Jose Manuel and Raul

My favourite kids in the school.


7 responses to “Some of the 3rd Grade

  1. smiles…i love kids…and working with them…cool capture..hope they and you have a great summer…

  2. They’re cute, aren’t they, Brian? They’re also quite intelligent, which makes them a delight to work with. One more week …

  3. Beautiful children! Love their smiles!

  4. Cute kids. I am surprised you are still teaching though….pretty late to start summer break?

  5. We get a lot of vacation time the states do not. Two weeks at Easter and Christmas for example. Therefore, they are making up for lost time.

  6. Lovely shot! There’s an old song, On The Sidewalks of New York, with a line, “Boys and girls together…” So sweet to see them, young and happy with faces full of promise. May their lives be so! Amy

I appreciate all comments.

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