“Spin Lights” The Sunday Whirl #62

Little scraps placed together …

My mother’s crocheted doilies,
jasmine on my fingertips, nature’s
domain of overcast morn

Flawed images …

Childhood reflections weave
refused discomfort in stories of
granite’s embrace …
perhaps insufficient, yet ample to me

Street trees bloom sunsets as
rivers run landscapes;
sienna-hued montage of
clinging ice-demons,
trapping pueblitos in yesterday’s rain

Here, Monarch butterflies dream of
Mexico, where it’s cooler in
August than May

Ladybug whistles dance light on my wrist,
feathering windows on earth-sphere mystique


21 responses to ““Spin Lights” The Sunday Whirl #62

  1. Street trees bloom sunsets as
    rivers run landscapes…that is just cool imagery and rolls right off the tongue…very cool…also that last stanza as well….if it is hot again today i might be thinking cooler clime as well…smiles.

  2. Lovely, Pamela… I especially like the last two stanzas.


  3. So beautiful, Pamela. I could get lost in the words and images! I especially loved: “jasmine on my fingertips” and “Street trees bloom sunsets as rivers run landscapes.”

  4. Your imagery is so lovely. The jasmine on fingertips is so delicate to imagine. The rain, the whole scene is so vivid and lovely.

  5. Some lovely imagery. I enjoyed your memories 🙂

  6. Ladybug whistles dance light on my wrist,
    feathering windows on earth-sphere mystique

    Yes, it’s so mysterious, so untoward! You blend the words very well Pam!


  7. The jasmine on your fingertips is fantastic. The last two lines are gorgeous, Pamela…so lovely.

  8. Wonderful flow Pamela, especially like those final lines, but really like all of it. Your imagery is beyond remarkable. Fantastic,


  9. I can see the ‘sienna-hued montage’….your verse paints such great visuals…

  10. Tender… and beautifully done. And I especially like the last part about the ladybug…on your wrist.

  11. I enjoyed the stanza about the monarch butterflies. Fascinating to read that it is cooler there in August than May. Nicely wordled again, Pam!

  12. Street trees bloom…
    Between the granite homes of city apartment buildings… that is what I thought of…Those few precious trees until you got to the park where there were a few more and then escaped to the country where you could get lost in them. I too liked your last two verses. Charming.
    I’m here:

  13. I love this:

    “Monarch butterflies dream of

    and all the other nature references! Well done Pamela!

  14. Enjoyed the soft touch of your poem. Very pleasant read. Also enjoyed the headings above the stanzas. My favorite is “Little scraps placed together”.
    It almost has the sense of something that was once destroyed but somehow mended together again. 🙂

  15. The scraps all add to a wonderful feeling…in Mexico!

  16. Loved the idea of Monarchs dreaming! 🙂

  17. Wonderfully surreal and image-full! Phrasing is wonderful…

  18. Some wonderful imagery, and the words are sweet to the tongue.

  19. Pamela, delightful imagery. I particularly liked the stanza about the Monarch butterflies. And I love “refused discomfort” – amazing phrase.


  20. I read this twice; it’s like honey when spoken. Beautiful.

  21. Thanks to each of you for the lovely comments. My computer is down until this Friday, so it is impossible to comment to all of you separately.

I appreciate all comments.

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