“Burning Calendars” The Sunday Whirl #64

Genocide gems escape housewives’ mouths,
stepping the neighbourhood,
spurning distraction, subtracting day’s
glow before sunset

These women exist in rinds of narcissism,
holding them together; ignorance is barren,
even wrapped in satin bows

Their eternity lies within buoyant life’s drawers

They wonder of past-entwined dust particles, every year passing
like lead from a pencil, embedded on translucent paper

They watch young men kicking balls on a soccer
field, as fall approaches before summer
has ended, leaving forever its sting


23 responses to ““Burning Calendars” The Sunday Whirl #64

  1. It all sounds so hum-drum, doesn’t it.
    Loved this:’ ignorance is barren, even wrapped in satin bows’
    Lovely imagery Pamela.

  2. Wow, Pamela, you have created a poem about the kind of life that undoubtedly no one strives for but many fall into unaware. As Bren said, lovely imagery throughout, but spare me the life.

  3. Rich, gorgeous writing, Pamela! I especially loved: “rinds of narcissism, holding them together” and “ignorance is barren.”

  4. I really enjoyed this Pamela… Especially the second stanza!

  5. Melancholy –sense of longing. Is it so?

  6. You artfully and powerfully used the words to paint a sad picture of actual lives.

  7. Love the wholeness of this, but especially that second stanza with its knock your socks off wisdom,


  8. I too liked “rinds of narcissism” – a brilliant phrase!

  9. I’m with the others [even before I read the others!] that I like your use of rinds. That has been the most fun word to see how everyone has used it.


  10. I’m beginning to feel sorry for these poor housewives! Great poem, Pamela!

  11. I love “every year passing like lead from a pencil.” You are on a similar wavelength to Irene, with the talk of fall’s approach. I don’t want summer to end yet. I have two more weeks of summer school before I get a brief vacation. LoL

  12. Super fine phrasing – a wonderful read!

  13. Fantastic choice of words and great imagery. The goodness of Autumn is approaching. That would be fun!


  14. I can see so many different levels of ‘housewifery’ – Those who get lost in the labyrinth of others lives forgetting their own. That first line…
    What a unique way to translate the word ‘gossip’ – at least that’s what I thought of.
    I’m here:

  15. excellent…really like your opening…tha ladies dropping genocide gems from their mouths…wow…and love the bit on the pencil on translucent paper…like tracing…

  16. Pamela, the way you have with words! I am drawn in every time. Loving this: “These women exist in rinds of narcissism, holding them together;” A great pairing which opens the door to the rest of this great wordle.

  17. Yes, Pamela I ditto what others have said. Your use of words is excellent. Like I’ve said before to other poets, it seems that we are all part of the precious diamond called poetry reflecting it’s multifaceted brilliant light. I used to envy others (still do sometimes) who were much more versed than I (not that I’m well anything). But in the last year I had a revelation. That I don’t have to be as good as the next poet or envy them. We all have a unique creativity with a unique way of expressing it through poetry. That’s what makes poetry so fun! So I began simply to appreciate the unique ability and work of others rather than compare myself with them. Having said all that, I still do a little envying. Lol!

    Nice Wordle.

  18. Wow! `rinds of narcissism.’ unique poem.

  19. Pamela – you never disappoint! “every year passing
    like lead from a pencil, embedded on translucent paper” Oh my goodness! You gave me such a nice compliment on the imagery in my piece – I send it back to you. I hope you are feeling better. xo teri

  20. Genocide gems escape housewives’ mouths

    Whoa! that’s prefect line- Great poem too

  21. Thanks all for the lovely comments.

    Jules and Cathy, yes, genocide gems is what I consider gossip, since it falls off the tongue so easily, but can hurt quite deeply.

    Teri, thank you, I am still on the mend. I am not feeling all that great, but I do feel somewhat better.

    Benjamin, we should never envy anyone, there will always be someone better than us. I myself am a very insecure writer. Everything I write I second guess.

  22. Taut and powerful; don’t change a line. I love “rinds of narcissism”.


  23. Thank you very much – Richard.

I appreciate all comments.

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