“To Release” Margo Roby – Still Trying Those Tryouts: It’s Tuesday

They’re dark and obscure,
confining, suffocating, restricting me
Screen-doors with open frames, light’s enhancer, a rivulet
always revealing, never suppressing, forever opening
to liberal vastness, spacious

* I am also posting this diamante for dVerse openlink night.

19 responses to ““To Release” Margo Roby – Still Trying Those Tryouts: It’s Tuesday

  1. i have no problems with doors as long they’re not locked..i even find the unexpected..not knowing exactly what waits on the other side a bit magical…but yeah…they can suffocate and restrict as well…good metaphor here and seeing what’s on the other side before even opening it has its own magic for sure..

  2. Excellent, Pamela. I’m still struggling with that prompt.

  3. rivulets…u give me the feeling of watching something light and ephemeral, lovely write.

  4. nice…i like the progression from doors to windows…both are opportunities…windows a little easier because you can see through to what is on the other side….neat form as well…

  5. I like the symbolism of doors and windows and you express his so nicely. Let in the light!

  6. Nicely done! Doors and windows fascinate me and I love that you thought of them for this form. I also like that you added only the words needed to tell the story, which allows you to keep the look. This is great fun.


  7. I like the way that you have evolved the template to create a more polished poem.

  8. I really enjoyed how you progressed from ‘doors’ to ‘windows.’ You rword flow was very natural.

  9. Very, nice, Pamela!! I like your evolved form of this!! Flows so smoothly from this closed to open light feeling!

  10. Nice! Though you’ve evolved the diamante from the original “fill in the blank” words, it still has close ties to the template. Well done. (I did the template part, but evolved into sleeping after that.) 😉

  11. This form gives an opportunity of contrasting objects that you might not always see as opposites. I find similarities between doors and windows, but I enjoy exploring their differences that shine in your diamante.

  12. You did very well with this one. Thumbs up. 😀

  13. Nice! You’ve created opposites out of things seemingly the same. I’ll be thinking of this all day.

  14. Diamente? Great form. Mine was actually a mushroom cloud, most recently… Peace and NO NUKES, Amy

  15. Yes, love this – open the doors, open the windows… let in the light! Oh hang on, it’s pouring with rain here… but hey, rain can be refreshing too… 🙂

  16. Well Done Pamela, you’ve made an open and shut case of this prompt !!

  17. Neat. I like the screen door there in the middle. Seems like there could be a book in screen doors.

  18. Doors! Always opening and closing to many things. Nicely written.

  19. Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I love windows.

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