“Every Visit to the Hospital” dVerse Open Link Night ~ Week 54

The bent and beautiful old woman sweeps yesterday’s trash
as I walk by,
hearing truth in
passing voices from low-roofed cafés;
somehow they manage to smile

Hope seems to fall from their lips,
thoughts they may never say

Imagine every day: half-picked chicken
tacos await those
needing food for distraction
Each bite reminds them of loved ones
who line up tightly on the floor, like
chickens in a coop, barely room to stretch

Restraining strength
foments their cluttered possessions;
you can see it in their faces as they set aside stillness for disconnection,
the secret self, familiar even
in this self-blemished hospital

Continuous hands peel confession’s covers
Tonight they light sacramental candles
from these sad window ledges, you will see

Process  notes: I originally had this poem password protected. However, I have decided to post it publicly. I am taking my chances that possibly the wrong people may read it. After-all, it is only a poem, right?


7 responses to ““Every Visit to the Hospital” dVerse Open Link Night ~ Week 54

  1. Pamela, I see why you password protected this. It is a powerful indictment. My favourite line is: set aside stillness for disconnection, – the only way to cope with the unsupportable.

  2. Sad. The 3rd stanza is heart wrenching. It seems as if there is no hope
    ‘you can see it in their faces as they set aside stillness for disconnection,’

  3. it is only a poem..and i am glad to read it now…this captures a hard reality…waiting in the hospital we try to disconnet or distract ourselves so we dont have to think of th possiblities…the peeling of confessions covers and the candles…def carry emotion….

  4. It’s a sad truth. Heart rending truth! We consider ourselves most fortunate. But awareness can be a first step towards wanting to do good and not to be the cause of the sufferings. Great thoughts Pam!


  5. Sad , powerful write.

  6. Pamelita, THANKS for taking off the password protection. I never use it; I simply write a disclaimer about the subject matter being thus and such, put in a few returns to give some space, and write away.

    As for the poem, this is so sad, especially people picking at the chicken tacos being compared to chickens in the coop. The lighting of the candles was a perfect way to end this. Very, very good write. Peace, Amy

  7. i like the old lady and the hint of hope.

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