“So Brittle the Beauty” The Sunday Whirl #66

Bravado embellished saps flourished mundane; stiff sunlight smiles her mirror as she wakes to moth-flurried light bulb in dim-canceled courtyard – luxury lingers in powdered restraint. Disconsolate kisses from wayward lip-spray in flinging acceptance, erotic rejected. This local cantina cries swing in her hips, plundered of gold melancholy, lost beauty.

On Monday’s tired morning’s ceramic-hanged jars, broken colored on ceilings spinning souls aflame, bananas and yucca and white rice with meat, swing from a violin’s string. A viewing is scheduled for later this day – a viewing of fruit-covered rustic mill wheels.

Yet it all feels so saddened, her lover’s kiss trembles, as brittle illusion unwaters this flora.

This pale grassless cover of stray disillusion seeps starless in severed restraint. As she rose to the ceiling to fling wronged religion, this truthfulness finally noted her end.


14 responses to ““So Brittle the Beauty” The Sunday Whirl #66

  1. Wow! Why did I think of a production of Carmen as I read this? A very unusual piece.

  2. Awww… Viv is right, it does have a feel of the tragedy of Carmen. Loved all the imagery, it suited the title so well. Sad.

  3. nice…really like th visuals…and some unusual textures…(stiff sunlight-very cool for something intangible)…the spinning souls aflame among the fruit…the mill whels makes a cool visual too…the turth too can often end some things…

  4. Seems like an invitation… all is imaginary, all is real.

  5. Gorgeous writing, Pamela! And I love the way the words flow with a resonance of their own. Favorite images: “stiff sunlight” and “moth-flurried light bulb .”

  6. Such vivid writing… it does have the feel of an epic tragedy.


  7. The street art pic of the woman in your sidebar is well suited to illustrate this piece, Pamela. I love the write. I read it several times, it captivates me. Lush images.

  8. I was caught too, by the street art next to the piece, kept glancing over and confirming the wonderful flow of your worded images. There is a strong sense of sadness here, but am also reminded of that song, “I hope you’ll dance”. Keep dancing my friend, you never disappoint,


  9. I enjoyed this. Is this form called prose poetry? I am never sure exactly what that is. LOL Anyway the story captivated me right away and I read it several times. Excellent.

  10. I like Annell’s description. A nice fragment of a story, Pamela.

  11. Intense imagery, and a wonderful read.

  12. I think of a party gone wrong, yet there is a possibility of redemption…
    That the cantina will be cleaned up so another party can play out –
    Religion, choices, escapes in judgement be darned…

    I’m here:

  13. Pamela, I’m a big Beatles fan, and truth be told, as I read this I had “Lucy in the Sky” playing in my head. The random images are astounding and very reminiscent of a Lennon lyric. And believe me, that is praise of a high order. I love this!

  14. Love it, simple love. Like it that a bit tragic feel to it

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