“The Cupboard” The Sunday Whirl #67

As I wake on ruptured carpet in this unfamiliar hall, it reminds me of last night’s dinner, so strangely consumed in an unguarded dining room; silken and sad, a lady’s tragic performance unfolded – as though in soup frenzied, chaired by a sick hourglass unavoidable, dancing as if no-one cared.

Wayward perhaps, or perhaps overused, she could captivate still with her life-wearied mouth by the manner she spoke and the way that she dared, yet her voice – so robust, yet dampened, unsettled, attacked by unchanneled despair.

In furious concept of sleek repetition she roughed out sublime her inglorious plan, then balled herself up in this silken, sad room, falling mute to attention as if disappeared.

This unfortunate memory placed in a jar shall forever be shelved in my cupboard. Paper may hold it yet wont to explain this beauty-despair never seen.


19 responses to ““The Cupboard” The Sunday Whirl #67

  1. Pamela, your unusual use of language never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Beauty-despair, wow.

  3. intriguing piece….great use of language…the ruptured carpet, unguarded dining room…it sets the tone for the piece….this beauty-despair….

  4. Very creative imagery and language… ruptured carpet, frenzied soup, unchanneled despair. Well done.

  5. Lovely imagery, sad subject. I loved the story, reminded me again of Carmen. A memory of beauty-despair, in a jar never seen…how sad.

  6. Your poem is intense and darkly sad, forces me to probe and explore. Love your imagery: “ruptured carpet,” and “life-wearied mouth” and “unchanneled despair.” Spectacular, as always.

  7. Wayward perhaps, or perhaps overused…. (love this line)
    Excellent piece. Like Marianne…it forced me to explore it a bit deeper…It’s cryptic to me, but I enjoy the images, and the way you put words together.

  8. Beautifully done. A piece I really enjoyed… kept in a jar…

  9. Incredibly creative!

  10. So creative and unique.

  11. What you do with language, words, never fails to amaze me, Pamela. This is brilliantly conceived, and beautifully executed. So many images, lines, already mentioned, mine would only be an echo. Brava!


  12. a gorgeous melancholy piece of prose. you’ve made me see
    and feel this beautiful, life-weary woman.

  13. Dark mystery here. Lovely language. Write on!

  14. You do see things differently, Pamela; at least, you express what you see with unique imagery. When I come to your poems, I know I can expect the unusual.

  15. captivating piece throughout. really liked “silken and sad, a lady’s tragic performance”.

  16. I thought this was really good. There is a rhythm throughout, and lots of interesting imagery. and feeling. Lovely.

  17. I really like this section:

    “In furious concept of sleek repetition she roughed out sublime her inglorious plan, then balled herself up in this silken, sad room, falling mute to attention as if disappeared.”

  18. Well done and intriguing. Stunning imagery here.

  19. Thanks all for the nice comments. I found these words very challenging this week.

I appreciate all comments.

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