“Sunflowers in the Rain” The Sunday Whirl #69

Sun-kissed, curvaceous arms of mountains
intertwined … embracing terra firma

Goddess of the moon ricochets
stars into an atrium

Flooded streets, city rivulets
undulating in the breeze

Today the sun is invisible,
hiding behind a slate-grey shroud

My garden’s alcove holds a mystery
only small animals can see

The river warps throughout the city
under bridges and overpasses

Sidewalks narrowed by droplets,
the sky continues to mourn

As day withdraws, light dwindles,
forming duskiness in this room

Volcanoes and mountains, map
my fissure’s view

Thoughts and words spin in
cycles, abysmal or infinite

Close your eyes, so the past
may receive future’s finesse


24 responses to ““Sunflowers in the Rain” The Sunday Whirl #69

  1. It’s been a long while since I have read your work, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to delve into your wonderful imagery once again. You used the words so seamlessly, that I stopped looking for them.

  2. love the couplet form and scene snippets in each one, good strong closing one too.

  3. Beautiful flow to this one, Pamela! Favorite lines: “curvaceous arms of mountains intertwined … embracing terra firma” and “Goddess of the moon ricochets stars into an atrium.”

  4. The first two couplets are so rich in imagery. I love the ‘view’ of your mountains and them embracing the earth.
    Loved the view of the alcoves in your garden that only small animals can see.
    A lovely read Pamela.

  5. “the sky continues to mourn” — love how that sounds, Pamela!

    • Hi Paula. It has been raining here for about 7 days now. A hurricane hit the other coast and we have been drenched. No sunshine and it is becoming a bit depressing.

      • We’ve had endless drought. Isn’t it the way it goes?? Never a balance. 😦 Hope the sun will shine soon for you!!

      • Paula, today I woke up to a beautiful, blue, cloudless sky. It is about time. Rain is so depressing when it is endless, day upon day. Having a drought can be just as bad. The climate of this planet has been turned on its ear.

  6. Lovely work, Pamela. I love the slate-grey shroud…

  7. Thanks Brenda. I didn’t know how else to describe the clouds, without being obvious.

  8. Sorry to arrive so late Pamela. Thought I’d been here already, but I guess not. Love the single couplets that linked together give us a panaramic view of the place where you live. I’m always afraid I’ll forget a word, or they won’t make sense to whatever the rest of the poem says. I may try this soon. Great idea with really good affect,


  9. ‘Volcanoes and mountains, map
    my fissure’s view’

    I like many, but I think this is one of my favorites. Because we all have such unique depth.

    I’m here:

    • Jules, it seems I have written this way before due to my struggling muse. I am experiencing the inability to write more than 2 or 3 complete or comprehensive lines right now. I am on my way to see you now …

  10. I love this work, Pamela! I’ve been picking favorite lines today, and “you had me at hello”

    “Sun-kissed, curvaceous arms of mountains
    intertwined … embracing terra firma”

    Your first lines drew me through the rest of what I call your “worded wonder”

  11. Ah so good to be back to visiting. Your images are like stepping stones to the perfect view- connected to each other once again with your fantastic inner eye. Sending some sunshine. As always thanks for stopping by my place.

  12. Thanks Teri. It is good to see you back with us. You have been missed. I suppose if it hadn’t been raining all these days I wouldn’t have written like this. Today is sunny and warm and I welcome it!

  13. Just beautiful, Pamela. Wonderful last line.

  14. Beautifully written, Pamela!

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