“Sleep” dVerse Open Link #59

Darkness covers me like a sheet of linen,
the moon dances in my iris made of clay

Stars collide; explosions of tiny particles,
as the world sleeps in fine silk scarves of yesterday,
weave them together, so the patterns are smooth …

When the light comes, may they turn to dust


23 responses to ““Sleep” dVerse Open Link #59

  1. I like the imagery in this, Pamela. it is so textural.

  2. Hard to believe I’m a teacher: It is so textural — you should have seen what I did catch! My fingers are moving much faster than my brain these days.

    • Margo, I know all about the typing snafus. Thanks very much for commenting on this, it is a poem I wrote over two years ago. I pulled it out and tweaked it a bit. Now, I can’t find the original, argh …

  3. I agree with Margo, it is very textural, lovely imagery. The last line is beautiful.

  4. This is beautiful in its simplicity, pamela. ‘iris made of clay’ says so much about who we are in the cosmic scheme of things–yet maybe it’s our purpose, to witness and wonder.

  5. Love this… especially thinking of the stars turning to dust when the light comes! It IS a beautiful last line, as others have mentioned.

  6. Beautifully written–there is a lot of texture to the imagery–loved it

  7. very nice…love the vivid imagery…that second line is tight….iris made of clay…smiles….then the stars….just lovely….

  8. Very pretty poem – all the parts piece together so simply and beautifully. k.

  9. Beautiful verse Pam! Sleep can be such a joy! Lots of imagery here!


  10. Silk scarves of yesterday…nice..

  11. nice..love how you capture sleep’s magic…lovely images..esp. liked the fine silk scarves of yesterday

  12. Sleep is magical, Claudia. Thanks.

  13. This is beautiful, like musical notes in a song.

  14. vivid and beautiful ! love it!

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