“Crossing the Invisible Line” dVerse Open Link #60

Headlights aimed in the wrong direction;
a storm passes to the west,
but we don’t notice

This café’s odor is disinfectant;
secrets of patrons lay hidden
in napkins, we place our orders efficiently

A convenience store on every
corner, as a cat’s scratch ruins this rural scene;
tacos, quesadillas and Herbalife —
survival’s dank sigh …

Examining the veins in my wrist,
heart’s tributaries,
my blood flows between here
and before

You fidget with a cigarette,
pretending calm, speaking Spanish
to the waitress as the food arrives,
on this tattooed morning
under Mexican skies


15 responses to ““Crossing the Invisible Line” dVerse Open Link #60

  1. I love that last stanza. Would be tempted to leave it standing on its own.

  2. Wow. Anyone who travels has found themselves in similiar circumstances. You layer this with an uneasy reletionship and magnificently capture the heavy scene.

  3. Pam, I really think you drew this scene well. You have written so many details. The cafe is teeming with life in this poem.

  4. A clear narrative description. I liked the subtle tensions suggested by we place our orders efficiently

  5. Looking at the veins in your wrist, your blood flows between here and before. Intriguing. The cafe sounds busy and full of life. Hope the cat wasn’t scratching at fleas…lol (itch)

  6. Tremendous sense of place here, pamela–a slipstream of clear yet clouded images passing, as when you drive fast—I especially like
    “my blood flows between here
    and before…”
    Your poetry, as always, seamless and meticulously crafted–beautiful, as well.

  7. very cool…love all the details of the scene and the surrounding area as well…like the hiding in napkins, a bit surreal on some level but real….you capture well all that is going on around you…

  8. on this tattooed morning…brings such a fantastic image to mind…a wonderful plethora of fantastic images but that is my favorite. Love it!

  9. Rhythmic and poignant ~ what a combination

  10. So vivid… Love how you captured the mood with the surroundings. Great ending, too.

  11. Vivid…a great capture.

  12. First – I just love the street art at the side of your blog – really lovely.

    And, of course, your poem is too. I happen to be a big fan of veins on wrists – but there is something so itneresting about having the tributaries on your wrist and the tattoos in the sky.

    This is quite vivid – from disinfectant down to the edge of anxiety/disturbance of the couple. k.

  13. Secrets of the patrons hidden in napkins — LOVE that!!

    Love this whole undulating, hot, cloudy Mexico poem!!

  14. Thanks all for the nice comments. This is mostly true, of course some parts are a bit embellished.

  15. I especially like “on this tattooed morning under Mexican skies”.

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