“Glimpses” The Sunday Whirl #73

A whitewashed building displays a clock with
granite hands, the preacher’s pulpit sings blessings;
a vacant lot edges the alley — weed-ridden —
broken bottle strewn, silence suffered

A shaken tomcat skitters straight up cinder block,
never looking down — a catharsis of fierce
façade, as cows meditate under a purple-hued
horizon in a remote field off this rugged highway

On matchstick’s tip, molecules learn to survive
through flames

As evening falls, sky warriors duel splendor;
parlayed grace forms marbled specter


35 responses to ““Glimpses” The Sunday Whirl #73

  1. Fascinating. I reckon a marble room would be rather more luxurious than rugged! Imagine a sumptuous marble-clad bathroom!

  2. Glimpses of life on the ground that may not impact too greatly on us. Tomcats skittering upon being surprised,cows grazing are just some happenings before nightfall. Great observation Pam!


  3. nice…great line ont eh matchstick…and love the contrast as well between the cows and the cat…really cool piece

  4. Hi Pamela,

    Nice wordle, very descriptive.

  5. Your glimpses are spectacular, as always, Pamela! Favorites: “the preacher’s pulpit sings blessings” and “sky warriors duel splendor” and “parlayed grace forms marbled specter.”

  6. I could see the cat running up the wall, the broken bottle, and loved the image of sky warriors.

  7. I like the vision of cows meditating.

  8. I love this part, Pamela:
    A shaken tomcat skitters straight up cinder block,
    never looking down — a catharsis of fierce
    And the molecules surviving on the matchsticks is brilliant.

  9. And I third what Brenda said. Pamela, your work has such a strong signature stroke of fluid and amazing imagery, I come each week almost holding my breath and you never disappoint,


  10. This is very descriptive – and so different from where others went with the words. I love when there is a lot variety in what we all do.

  11. Wonderful read – it’s strong and soft!

  12. Those molecules that learn to survive through flames? What happens to them when the flame goes out?

    Whirling with Myself

  13. This is a splendid wordle! I love the phrasing and imagery, “a catharsis of fierce facade” – a really wonderful write


  14. This is inspirational, Pamela. Love how you wrote weaving in the cows.

  15. What a gorgeous weaving of words, and so visual.
    I love this line best:
    “On matchstick’s tip, molecules learn to survive
    through flames”

  16. Oh I just love coming to your blog and seeing what you have come up. This one is just perfect.

  17. I like this Pamela. All the little nuances of the day that we miss if we don’t look close enough and you have captured the essence of that feeling here.

  18. Interesting and deep with some great twists of phrase and words

  19. I can see every detail. Was it the striking of the match that alarmed the cat? I can imagine the person (you say your husband saw the cat) turning their head every so slightly to see everything you have uniquely penned. Delightful.

    Thanks for continuing to visit my story verse…I never do quite know where the worldes will take me…

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