“Beats Between Seconds” dVerse Open Link #61

Perennials hug a ficus, a skeletal
perimeter of youth’s sunlight

Irises weep a funeral procession
through this city; at a traffic light,
heartbeats slow down, a hand’s
reach away, a breath …

Rubies embed a rosary’s
psalm, silhouettes exhaust visions,
rust sequesters a window’s view,
passing specks of time.


27 responses to ““Beats Between Seconds” dVerse Open Link #61

  1. We are all passing specks of time, aren’t we. I love the flowers in this, although in the UK we have always associated the white lily with death (we even actually call them death lilies.
    Rich in imagery, loved the rust sequesters a windows view, very vivid.

  2. i love your use of flowers in this…so full of life themselves they make a nice contrast tot he funeral procession…the pausing at the light in its passing…and the thoughts that engenders…

  3. The scene takes a somber stance. A sad procession at the traffic lights brings relief and a conclusion of the aftermath. Life ends and life must continue for others to comfort and to survive. Nice write Pam!


  4. ‘passing specks’ of our own mortality, illuminated in these selected moments of silhuettes, colors and flowers–delicately nuanced, and yet also very material and uncompromising. Enjoyed it much, pamela.

  5. “a skeletal perimeter of youth’s sunlight” … A stark yet beautiful observation. It ties in with my life in a way is uncanny.

  6. “rust sequesters a window’s view” …very nice Pam on this drive through the city….thank you ..bkm

  7. I love your use of flowers in this , beautiful.

  8. Such rich images here, Pamela. I also like your use of flowers in this poem!

  9. I like the use of sound in this poem – it surprised me! Perennial and skeletal, rust and psalm; I like the subtler echoes within a line or in lines close to each other. And I like how rich this scene is, even though it’s a funeral procession – it feels celebratory at the same time. Even the rust is bright and vibrant.

  10. Such a pretty poem – I love the rust edge of window and the ficus especially. Thanks much. k.

  11. Pamela, I especially love “irises weep a funeral procession through this city” and passing specks of time. This poem makes one think of how transitory life is…….

  12. The “skeletal perimeter of youth’s sunlight,” Pamela, that struck me. Funeral processions are brief reminders that life is precious, like the rubies… Very nicely done, Pamelita. Paz, Amelita

  13. Lovely, vivid… I especially like the last stanza.

  14. This piece has a lovely, timeless feel, Pamela. Just great.

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