Water, Wings and Alliterated Wishes The Sunday Whirl #74

In the town’s center lives an artist
painting silhouettes. “Everything
you do in life reflects in how you dance.”

Families and friends walk past a fountain,
the sun sauntering their backs through
sporadic, silent shade; balloons and flags
lilt in the breeze

Sensuous ladies in sleeveless dresses,
dark tresses caressing necks and
shoulders, crimson lipstick affable
on full lips

Small colourful parrots peer from tree branches
as dancers take the stage in rich, traditional
costumes; the exterior explodes lyrical music
on Independence Day.


19 responses to “Water, Wings and Alliterated Wishes The Sunday Whirl #74

  1. it is interesting, amidst all the life around him…which you capture well ….that he chooses siloquets….love all the life you got in the scene pamela

  2. Love the images of: “sun sauntering their backs through
    sporadic, silent shade” and “balloons and flags lilt in the breeze.” You paint such gorgeous, vivid pictures with your words!

  3. I love the sporadic silent shade, but boggled at the sun sauntering their backs. A very vivid wordling scene.

  4. I love all of the vibrant colours and movement in this. I could see all of this in my minds eye and that means it was really effective in its imagery. Lovely!

  5. A delightful celebration! With parrots and all!

  6. Really like the movement and flow from one vivid image to the next, Pamela. Fascinating celebration and I like the artist’s choice of silhouettes amidst all that color, swirling movement, and music.


  7. Pamela – another collection of magical images,you blend the contrasts with a magical pen.

  8. as the others have said, so much more to paint than just the silhouettes… love the sound and feel of the third stanza

  9. This has so much great imagery; I have nothing much more to add to what has already been said … am intrigued by the artist wanting to paint silhouettes, not colour … it says psychological things to me but that says more about me likely than the artist or the poem. Cool poem Pamela, very.


  10. Yes, Pamela! Imagery and the seamless use of the words makes this a great read.

  11. You brought the day to life, Pamela. You are blessed to live in such a vibrant culture. I’m so happy you share it with us week after week. 🙂

  12. You tie it all together and it flows. Your images are wonderful.

  13. `sensuous ladies in seamless dresses’ I just love that.

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