“Celestial Summers” dVerse Open Link #62

My mother stood at the counter,
wrapped in a gingham apron,
scent of freshly cut mint
on her fingertips, humming,
slicing oranges and lemons,
acidic juices, a sweet soiree mingling
on the cutting board

I’d place the glasses on the table close
enough to touch, she’d fill each with
tamarind-coloured tea, sparkling on
effervescent ice, condensation clusters
in our hands, stars bursting on a
celestial moon of summer.


12 responses to ““Celestial Summers” dVerse Open Link #62

  1. You made my mouth water with this one! Beautiful.

  2. A delightful snap-shot from your memory, filled with rich images – I can almost smell the fruits and tea!

  3. there is such serenity in your memory here…a simple moment of making and enjoying together….but so much just in the doing of it….very cool pamela…

  4. Not too many mother’s wear aprons anymore Pamela. This is a lovely memory 🙂

  5. I can almost taste the fruit in the colors, feel the stars ricocheting off the moon. Vivid, and also as brian says, full of the serenity of memory we get when we look back at a perfect childhood moment.

  6. A lovely capture. Love the images shared here.

  7. Little things mean a lot. You’ve done well to etch this in your mind and sharing those wonderful moments before. Thanks for sharing now, Pam!


  8. Lovely…a beautifully recreated delight for the senses.

  9. oh love the scents and taste in this…what a beautiful moment..what a beautiful capture..

  10. I love to walk down the path of memories and this one takes me right there with you. Nice.

  11. Thanks all for the nice comments. Yes, some memories are good, while others perhaps are not.

  12. Serene, yes, but also sensory appealing. Thanks for your visit and come when you can,


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