“Lashes and Furrows in the Brow” The Sunday Whirl #75

Crickets click cords before the storm
between searing bolts
and shaken thunder; I listen to their

La Doña walks by, exuding a friendly
husk of life, her donkey burdens alfalfa bundles

The air is damp, climbing
from the nearby lake; I remain
transfixed in this land of fallen ash

The devil and the emperor bring
me tokens each day, a reflection of
youth trapped in age … and crows’
clawed feet gift the corners of my eyes.

Process notes: La Doña is a term of respect for a woman.


32 responses to ““Lashes and Furrows in the Brow” The Sunday Whirl #75

  1. love the sound of crickets…and the allit in the opeening def accentuates that…the land of fallen ash…the reflection of youth trapped in age…great touches pamela…

  2. I like this Pamela. I can feel the dampness before the storm and hear those clicking crickets!

  3. I’m always impressed by your titles; they’re as outstanding as your poetry! And I love your opening stanza and clever alliteration:
    “Crickets click cords before the storm
    between searing bolts
    and shaken thunder; I listen to their
    Really beautiful!

    PS – No poem from me this week.

  4. Somehow, you’ve made crows feet intriguing. LoL Next time I look in the mirror your words will echo. I love the crickets, too.

  5. You set such a rich scene, even more so because it is taken from the ordinary. Your words the magic that give them life. Love what you do, lady,


    PS Even like the crow’s feet, lol.

  6. I never thought of Mexico as being a land of volcanoes but yes, it is and that one you mentioned is being very active lately. I do hope it doesn’t produce more than a hiccup. Loved the imagery in this again Pamela. Somehow to donkey laden with its bundles of alfalfa is such a lazy, lovely picture.

  7. Bren, there are three here, which, I can view from different points of the city, but, Popo is the only active one. He gave us quite a scare last spring.

  8. I love the alliteration of the the opening. . . crickets click chords, as well as at the end: crows’ clawed feet gift the corners of my eyes. Wonderful! I have always thought of crow’s feet as the beautiful sign of a lot of smiles and laughter. Very nice.

  9. Ah, this is a bit of synchronicity – just left a poem about Pompeii and Vesuvius and now have stumbled on yours which is also about a volcano, this time in Mexico … very well told and nice use of the words Pamela …


  10. Pamela- I have been noticing that sound all my life, Just recently it has been tickling my curiosity. As always, you write the ordinary into something I want to look at again. Yes, even the the crows feet. xo teri

  11. this is a very good one! From beginning words to the very last….

  12. some wonderful alliteration! I do so love word play….and love your poetry…

  13. Laugh lines…they are laugh lines! OK crows’ feet. 🙂
    A delightful read.

    I’m here:

  14. Thanks for the ‘punctuation’ feed back on Nuts and Bolts. I was looking for an alliteration for ‘altered’ and well to me ‘apostrophe’ could really be any curve of the body. I was thinking of the curved back of an elder, now straightened…but then there could be many other images too.

  15. Jules, apostrophe works nicely, I find the image quite intriguing.

  16. “Crickets click cords before the storm”

    Lovely words, lovely music.

    Anna :o[

  17. How wonderful! I love the grateful/graceful aging.

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