Sunday Sojourn The Sunday Whirl #76

What became fear’s blanket is
now an open window, a distraction
from vices in one-dimensional profile

Ambivalence rubs pain,
forcing ice crystals on interior walls;
together we continue breathing,
practicing our virtues

the world’s a melting fist, seared, turning
on a pit

Seeds sown cultivate freshness,
their gardened souls bent in prayers —
a holy sacrament

light the incense and place bowls of
fragrant flowered water on the altar;

It’s my mid-time life, a dazed reality,
tenderness of lost wings flying
singly as time scurries

Tomorrow I’ll empty my bureau,
summer clothes for sweaters and socks,
precisely situated; I can disarray them later;
what bothered me yesterday,
doesn’t anymore


30 responses to “Sunday Sojourn The Sunday Whirl #76

  1. So much to like about this. Feeling comfortable with times passage, towards the end. And yet there are worldly worries as “the world’s a melting fist, seared, turning on a pit…” Will it be any better after the political season has counted it’s votes?

    I trundled on here:

  2. nice…i like the seeds and the spirituality through there…there is something to that…and we already swapped out….we had 40s here this morning…i def needed my sweatshirt….

  3. Beautifully thought out and creatively written. Your images and use of language continue to fascinate me Pamela. Thank you,


  4. Yes…what bothers me yesterday does not bother me today either. There is something about a certain time of life that considers what is worth bothering about. Your whole poem was good, but that is what struck me the hardest.

  5. I think we need to age to learn that which we thought we needed to hang onto for dear life because… just doesn’t really matter so much once we grow in the wisdom of it being so much easier to simply let go. Things will always turn out exactly as they are meant to turn out, worry or not.
    Along with some beautiful imagery, your poems always give me much food for thought.

  6. Bren, that is the highest of praises. Thank you. Yes, I often think how differently I feel now, than when I was in my 20’s or 30’s. Things sure do change, don’t they?

  7. Absolutely dazzling writing, Pamela! You make the words rock the page! Love the last stanza, and this one, too: “It’s my mid-time life, a dazed reality, tenderness of lost wings flying singly as time scurries”

  8. I’m with Marianne – this is a stunner – such good imagery and word choices and I too like the idea of accepting the things you can’t change and just getting on with it … good poem Pamela

  9. Good philosophy. Time is definitely scurrying for me! And your line “precisely situated; I can disarray them later;” cracked me up – that is me to a T!

  10. Terrific. Really speaks to me in mid-life especially-

    It’s my mid-time life, a dazed reality,
    tenderness of lost wings flying
    singly as time scurries

  11. I get a sense of letting things go with acceptance and grace. I agree with Elizabeth on this one, Pamela. Your use of language is unique and always beautiful. Your opening line is fantastic.

    • Is there any other way, Brenda? I could be miserable, or simply except that aging is a natural process. Besides I am having entirely too much fun, so I am happy! Oh, there are days when life gets humdrum and all too routine.

  12. I love your language so much. Excellent….!


  13. Pamela- You tie the beginning and end of your poem together with perfection. Favorite line- “I can disarray them later;”

  14. Exquisite and eloquent. I’m always in disarray and love that you’ve identified it in a moving onward and upward moment. Terrific poem.

  15. Moving on is what it is all about, Susan. We can let the trifle bother us, but what’s the sense in that? Thanks.

  16. You truly have a way with words: “The world’s a melting fist, seared, turning on a pit” – I love that line!

  17. Thanks Andra, I appreciate you commenting.

I appreciate all comments.

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