“The Reflecting Pond” The Sunday Whirl #77

Ten years ago
I tattooed a symbolic charm
of happiness on my ankle;
now its detail
nestles within skin’s movement

This morning I turned the music up
and started screening my calls; precise
unbearable voices couldn’t reach me

I saw a curious dust settle
on maps of South America;
taking them from the shelves,
they were brittle to the touch

I missed my appointment
today; I didn’t want to be an
exploding crocus sitting on
a couch, sheathed in a
fevered, crowded waiting room

No, today I turned the music up
and started screening my calls,
watched birds rustle trees,
and Bougainvillea rage
gardens in breezy rain

Tonight I’ll turn my pillow
over, so I may pierce the
otherside of dreams …
where crocuses mend
in calm agility; willows
bend sway between two darknesses.


23 responses to ““The Reflecting Pond” The Sunday Whirl #77

  1. Wow. Dark and full of truth and beauty. I like the subtle way you crafted the words around the images, lovely, especially the last line.

  2. I loved the collection of images you tied together here, Pamela. I loved the stanza about screening calls so precise unbearable voices couldn’t reach you. I so empathize. And I think my very favorite stanza was the last one….so evocative!

  3. I also loved this! “Turned my pillow over to pierce the otherside of dreams,” brilliant!

  4. Beautiful. As I always say to Chloe, I really dislike doctor’s waiting rooms and hospital ER waiting rooms too, if ever there is a place to get sick(er) than you already are, those are it. LOL
    So nice to decide to have some ‘me’ undisturbed time to ourselves Pamela.
    Love the imagery in turning the pillow to the other side of dreams too.

  5. Nice imagery! Last stanza is especially gorgeous!

  6. Exquisite. I love how you come back to turning up the music and screening calls, and that you missed an appointment. Little details add to the setting, and emotion tumbles through until you turn your pillow over…Wow! What a gorgeous ending to this engaging write.

  7. Fully understand that need to withdraw from all the noise and commotion. Love where the words took you, especially that final stanza. Sometimes choosing that personal downtime is the only way to heal the soul.


  8. turn my pillow over to pierce the other side of dreams…dang that is good…ha…and some days you just need to turn the music up and let the world be…

  9. ah I like the sound of that – turning up the music and screening calls – some days require that. And agree with Brian, that line is fantastic.

  10. I like the feeling of taking a break and escaping and the freedom to do so in this. Very nicely wordled.

  11. That final stanza is superb!

  12. Good wordling. That last stanza is stunning. Félicitations.

  13. Never mind the Dr! Fix another appointment. How nice to be with oneself. No disturbing calls, one’s quality time is heavenly. Yes, turn over on to wonderful dreams that one deserves. Nicely Pam!


  14. Really gorgeous writing. I adore the last stanza.

  15. Strong sense of boundaries here – so interesting to see how the crocus comes in. Like spring. k.

  16. Appointments can be rescheduled. This day, now is my quiet time. The rest of the week days will be filled with the lilt of a little voice wanting attention.
    A agree with the other comments. You have made a desire a reality. I enjoy the last lines about the willow. I have one. And can relate to those different shades of darkness…

    Thanks for your visit. I enjoy the snails pace of increasing my story and am glad others enjoy it too.

  17. Oh my word!! Pamela! This is stunning! I love the unique use of the crocus image and the repetition that you use perfects this! Well done, indeed!

  18. Engaging and intriguing! Wonderful piece…

  19. Very interesting piece…Seamlessly done…


  20. Thanks for your kind comments, Pamela. This (above) a lovely lovely poem. k

  21. Sometimes it is the best thing to do…’turn the music up’. Beautiful.

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