La Respuesta dVerse Open Link #65

Trees bloom
floral spectrum, October
waits in soft union;
as Guadalupe’s robe
flows roses, petals caress
unlit candles behind a crystal

This land slants on
families — mothers
reassure children in tender

Morning sprinklers sing
on gardens, Latin mouthings
glorify a nearby church;
amiable sights and sounds
accompany me on a walk

*la respuesta translation’s the answer


19 responses to “La Respuesta dVerse Open Link #65

  1. You really make me miss Mexico, pamela, and I was only there a few short weeks–how many memories this poem revives. And of course, there’s more to it than that, but I’m savoring the warmth as our season here shifts winterward.

  2. smiles..i like how you capture your walk…the life around you…it is a contrast to everything dying here right now….which is very interesting….

  3. Nice capture of the moment. Nice write, Pamela. 🙂

  4. This is a super pretty poem. Very well done. k.

  5. It’s such a joy to be walking in such a wonderful environment, Pam! Savor the goodness when they’re still available! Nicely!


  6. So beautifully captured!

  7. You represent your country’s culture well with this, Pamela. Just lovely.

  8. Morning sprinklers sing
    on gardens, Latin mouthings
    glorify a nearby church….love this…makes me wanna walk with you

  9. There is no language barrier to peace and love, is there? It seems as if you had a really lovely walk which you took in the beauty of

  10. You brought the joy, the beauty, the faith, and flavor of Mexico back to me. I was invited to go next week, but was forced to decline. I will be missing old friends, but am grateful for this dip into season and culture – thank you!

  11. How wonderfully visual, Pamela.

  12. I enjoyed this greatly, visualizing the scenes that you described….getting a picture of the country’s culture and October as it is there!

  13. Pamelita, thanks for another reminder of how much I miss Latino culture. Guadalupe, and especially “this land slants on families.” Any person who’s lived in Mexico, near the border, in Puerto Rico… will understand. Me encanta mi Borrinquen… Paz, Amy

  14. This is a rich write, Pamela. You bring Mexico to life through your writing often, and it is appreciated. Well done.

  15. Thanks for the very nice comments all.

  16. I hope you are feeling better.
    Out in the suburbs I hear birds, school buses, trucks, train whistles…but not often the voice of people lifted in lilting grace…

    Thanks for your visit to my latest wordle offering.

  17. Beautiful and all too familiar growing up in CA and even more so now that I’ve moved away and come back to visit.

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