“A Conversation with a Small Child” dVerse Open Link #67

Wake with the luminous moon …
and don’t be fearful — we’ll never know a
stranger’s heart. The wind tells a thousand
stories, as birds of prey scour the desert floor.
Pictures cannot convey music, but canaries
still sing every morning. If we never know
streams of happiness, how will we recognize
fissures of sadness.


33 responses to ““A Conversation with a Small Child” dVerse Open Link #67

  1. Whatever your political leanings, this video is a charmer! Our son is interviewing our granddaughter. She was not coached in advance – he was responding to the fact that she lights up whenever she sees Obama on TV! BTW, this is not a political campaign on my part, just a response to your thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes!” and your beautiful dVerse!

  2. Paula, my husband and I laughed with joy. Out of the mouths of babes, indeed. Thanks for sharing this. BTW we love Obama.

  3. The video was so cute 🙂
    Loved the poem. The wind tells a thousand stories…yes.

  4. ha i like the turn on the saying in the last….if we never know joy….there is beauty all around us…stories on the wind and bird song in the air….if we notice…

  5. This is a comforting poem, and a lovely one.

  6. I was loving this for its delightful child’s-eye view before I watched the video–what an adorable clip. I feel even if I hated Obama I would now want to vote for him. ;_) (I was voting for him anyway, but still.. and I have the exact same reaction to Romney.) If I had to pick one line from this, it would be the wind telling stories paired with the scouring of birds of prey.

  7. A delight, thanks for sharing.

  8. If we never know
    streams of happiness, how will we recognize
    fissures of sadness…yeah…and the other way round as well…

  9. Conversing with small children is always a delight. They hear things in the wind and canaries that we ‘elders’ do not for sure.

  10. Your streams and fissures illustrate the most essential of truths. Your conservation of words impresses me!

  11. Good questions and beautiful lines – it is hard to appreciate happiness until its loss or lack – terrible that it should be that way though! Thanks. k.

  12. my machine won’t let me see the Obama video (I am guessing), but I enjoyed the poem. I find it funny when poetry and politics are mixed, though. Just shows the power of the season. I enjoyed the mixed images in the poem.

  13. I think Claudia read my mind with her comment. I enjoyed experiencing your poem. Thank you.

  14. And thanks for reading, Beth.

  15. Beautiful, Pamela– very lyrical– I love the fissures… indeed. my poem for dverse up at http://parolavivace.blogspot.com– thanks for reading my piece on romney-pants…xxxj

  16. Haven’t seen your work for awhile. Thought of you today and stopped in to your site. Very nice poem, flows nicely to the conclusion which is my favorite line: “If we never know streams of happiness, how will we recognize fissures of sadness.” Wow!

    • Sorry, hitting wrong keys on phone. Very sensory work here. I can feel it through and through. I feel warmed in my brittle Chicago bones and love the yin and yang of this particular piece.

  17. We’ll never know a strangers hart! Lovely verse to put in a poem. Something I’ve been working on!

  18. Pamela, I am ashamed to say that I just saw that you spread the video around! Thanks for that, and I too, love the poem! It rings very true, and pairs with the video in an oblique way, but it works! To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember sending it to you, but I’m glad I did! 😆

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