“A Breeze in the Evening” dVerse #69

Bright smiles veil shadows dark;
when I wake, I can’t recall the
dream-face outlines; still I remember
their smiles.

Some nights, I sit barefoot,
overwhelmed by this room,
a clover-patched self-portrait,
reclaimed in essence.

Yesterday was columbine and
dove-like, an ivory cat poised and
flexible, its soft fur nuzzling me to sleep.

Summer slams its screen door shut;
no more lemonade on the porch,
the xanthous sun cobbles up and
fades to autumn vigil, soft on my repose.


17 responses to ““A Breeze in the Evening” dVerse #69

  1. I didn’t think summer ever ended where you are. Does it get cold enough to not be able to sit on the porch? Gosh, it was just above freezing here today and we expected our first little bit of snow….brrrr
    Lovely poem Pamela.

  2. ha i was all kinda of relaxed with the cat rubbing on me when the screan door slammed and it jumped up, digging its claws in to push off….smiles…then you brought me back with the gentle sun…smiles…

  3. I remember smiles, too. Lovely images throughout, Pamela.

  4. curious why you chose “Xanthous” — a poetry color?
    It gave a feeling of Hepatitis for me — disease.
    I loved the line:
    “Summer slams its screen door shut”
    Very nice

  5. Lovely images ! I enjoyed it.

  6. I love the expression; summer slams its screen door shut. This says so much about the transition from summer to fall…it seems so sudden oftentimes, like that slam. I enjoyed this, Pamela.

  7. clover-patched self-portrait…lovely images..summer slamming its screen door shut…over here in southern california, i have the privilege of an extended summer…though just a week left before i’m hitting winter in germany…

  8. Ah. Such a pretty poem. So many beautiful textures. k.

  9. A lovely poem, evokes perfectly that oxymoron happysad feeling of the end of summer.

  10. Just gorgeous writing, pamela–that second from the last stanza knocked my socks off, and the second stanza was also brilliant in evoking a very elusive feeling that you tie down well at the end~how everything imprints itself on us, becomes part of who we are, and to some extent, vice versa. Thanks for your supportive words at my place, also. It looks like we have a bit of a reprieve, and a chance at least, to try to tackle some serious problems.

  11. Summer may have slammed the door and made lemonade passe’ but this is the season for crackling logs in the fire pit and marshmallows toasted (or in my case burnt) on a stick. Beautiful.

  12. Bittersweet, emphasis on sweet. The cycle of seasons we all know, yet it seems as though they rather rudely announce their presence when it’s the bad weather coming! But remember, there’s cocoa on the way! Lovely piece, Pamelita. Thanks also for your comment on “Fox box,” because that just popped into my brain, a non-sequiter. Funny, huh? Paz, tu hermana, Amelita

  13. To all a big thank you for the nice comments.
    Amy, I just saw your link, I will be right over to read.

  14. Wonderful, Pamela. I loved,, `summer slams its screen door shut.’

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