Market Fashion is not Always the Same The Sunday Whirl #82

A phantom pale leg hovers above the crowd –
floating, disembodied, naked;
she picks up her pace, pushing forward,

eyes locked on the hollow leg,
suggestion of body, dismemberment,
titillation of flesh … as image rains the evening news.

In rocky moments walls collide;
in painless charade her time lies spent,
although in reverie, chaste unkind,
she enjoys herself at this local market.

These mannequins leap lifeless dance,
as bra displays disintegrate busty torsos –
weary imperfections on display.

In the wilderness, brooks spin dry webs,
while birds perch the woods, never
singing sadness, untouched by desolate mannequins.


41 responses to “Market Fashion is not Always the Same The Sunday Whirl #82

  1. “never singing sadness” – beautiful.
    We posted just about simultaneously.

  2. I love this: “brooks spin dry webs, while birds perch the woods”. So visually descriptive and true, because I’ve seen it myself.

    • Not many brooks here, Misky. We have some rivers and a very nice lake close by. I took this totally from memory, and the mannequins, well, they have always scared me just a bit. I have had nightmares about being locked up in a department store overnight, just me and the mannequins. Yikes!

  3. Next time I will read the title first!

  4. i dunno…i think this one is about understanding beauty…that we see it in a hollow leg but not ourselves….i really like the bit on the market adn the manneqins dancing…

    • Brian, could you even imagine mannequins dancing? I know one thing, I would come unglued. Who has a figure like that anyway? Not a wonder woman have such poor body image.

  5. There is a subliminal suggestion in the hollow leg, I suppose. Pretty odd to see it though hanging there, I would think. As usual, so many vivid descriptions in this. Markets are such great places to ‘see’ life. Love the last stanza too.

  6. What great fun. I loved that I couldn’t see where you were going and then I could.


  7. Very good! The fashion market never came to mind until you took me there. And isn’t that what poetry is supposed to do?

  8. Your last stanza is perfect. Submit this, Pamela. A haunting write.

  9. Ah, Pamela! You never disappoint! Masterful imagery. I love the way you use the wordle words. Always so fresh and creative! “Phantom pale leg hovers above the crowd” so intriguing, pulled me right in!

  10. These words seemed to beg a dichotomy between what is natural and what we define as real life. As usual, you worked them with beauty and wisdom.


  11. I agree with Brenda. Submit this! So interesting. It begs re-reading.
    My favorite line: in painless charade her time lies spent

  12. magicalmysticalteacher

    You’re going to shake your head and laugh at me when I tell you what pleases me most about this poem—one snippet of a line: “her time lies spent.” Why am I so thrilled to read those words? Because you have used the correct verb, the verb that means “to recline.” Too many other careless poets would have written “her time lays spent,” but you are not one of the careless, and I thank you for your attention to your craft. Keep writing!

    Seven Haiku with Simon

    • Like I said on your blog, mmt, it is something I feel people who write should pay attention to. And I thank you, not shaking my head at all. Maybe, some laughter though 😉

  13. Your comparisons are amazing! But they work and I enjoyed making the connections.

  14. What creative imagery–I love seeing where each person goes with the wordle words! I read your several times–wonderful write.

  15. To me this is about the sexualization of women, the unreal body images portrayed so often.

  16. Never cease to amaze me at your descriptive words that bring a day to life.

  17. I love for those woods, daily. This is a gorgeous, powerful piece.

  18. **long** I LONG for those woods, daily. I also long for fingers that listen to my brain. 😉

  19. Thanks for your visit. There is an odd quality about mannequins. At one point I had a job where I had to undress and redress them…They reminded me of large Barbie Dolls. There but not quite. Posed and poised unnaturally.

  20. No problem, Jules. I am enjoying the story. I wouldn’t last in a job like that five seconds. Mannequins scare me.

  21. Pamelita, I loved how you had the mannequins taken apart… felt like a commentary on idealized Barbie beauty. Sometimes a leg is just a leg! (And let’s not start in on Ken’s “junkless” torso!!) Very nicely done. Love, Amy

  22. A poem full of body parts. Fashion can seem so shallow.

  23. I agree with De Jackson – this is a gorgeous piece and with others who suggested it is ‘submittable’ – I think it goes way beyond the tossed mannequins to the exquisite contrast between disconnected flung mannequin limbs and the birds alive and warbling … Quite lovely 🙂

  24. stunning piece of poetry

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