Criteria of Clouds dVerse Open Link #73

Vampiric energy drains
with foresight and efficiency.
I try to keep my cool, analyse
to minimize the effects of
an all-pervasive tendency
that’s taken hold in augment.

Relationships are never
casual or uncomplicated;
there are plenty of surprises
with enhanced intensity.

My neighbour tends his yard;
the freshly cut grass releasing a scent of distress.
I stand on the patio in yoga pants and sweater;
the elongated sky separates from clouds
umbrellaed in illuminated latitude.


21 responses to “Criteria of Clouds dVerse Open Link #73

  1. Like the vampiric energy drains, as there are quite a few like that out there, great write, shove the soul suckers into the daylight haha

  2. that middle stanza sits like a rock of truth and the rest revolves well around it….the scent of distress from the grass and your relaxation in the yoga pants makes a nice contrast and works well with the seperation of the clouds…

  3. very interesting choice of words. each stanza could stand as a poem by itself, yet they work very well together. love the different shapes of ‘your clouds’.

  4. I enjoyed the word play and assonance in this and the distressed scent of mown grass.
    Like the seasonal header – is this fantasy, or does it snow in Mexico?

    • Viv, that is a photo of a part of downtown here, it is called “Los Sapos”, which translates to “Toads”, but the snow is from wordpress’s seasonal option on our blogs. Thanks for the nice comment on my piece. I was unsure about posting it, because it is out of my comfort zone. So your comment made me very happy. 🙂

  5. Love the scent of distress from the grass and you standing on the patio with your yoga pants 🙂

  6. You painted a perfect moment…can see it all so clearly…and the flurries coming down are just perfect!

  7. Pamela, I agree with you 100%. Relationships are never simple or uncomplicated…….even if they start out to be and we believe they will continue to be so. Nothing in life is simple, I have found.

  8. The conflicted emotion comes through well in this piece, Pamela. Good work!

  9. Ah. A lot of intensity here! Such an interesting move through withheld thunder. k.

  10. umbrellaed in illuminated latitude.
    Now that is a line worth waiting for . . .
    the gear change into the final stanza is great
    and you set it up well with the atmospheric lead up
    its like a fuse line to a poetry bomb going boom
    in the last line of stun!

    cheers Pamela

  11. Enjoyed your poem, relationships are fickle and a little latitude is good.

  12. nice…i like how you go from the relationship statement to the moment where you’re outside..the neighbor tending his yard, you in yoga pants…gives us a complete, multidimensional picture

  13. I love your first two lines and your final stanza. Excellent.

  14. That’s great imagery you came up with there. I quite like the ending with your neighbour tending his garden (maybe mowing the grass) and you observing him in your yoa wear. 🙂 Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  15. Beautiful. Love all of the imagery. I can almost smell the fresh cut grass.

  16. I love how you found calm in the sent of grass. It was like you were acknowledging this every day thing as a gift from your neighbor. Some would have been annoyed by the noise. Lovely Poem! Thank you.

  17. Thanks to all for the nice comments on this piece. Welcome to you new folk.

  18. I’ve seen this, but just looking over your old writing. All so good. k.

  19. Like lovely paint strokes!

  20. Beautiful, Pamela. Love that last line!

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