“She Left Rampant Feelings Outside the Chinese Restaurant” The Sunday Whirl #86

She crocheted my heart for
unprepared feelings
that wash out inspiration,
taught me to watch
honeybees sing flower petals,

her wisdom forged
in absoluteness,
far from the margin’s edge,
bent by delicate breezes;
a soul’s coastal journey
where innately we pass
spectrum’s coloured
days, stressing my
realm within its mirror.

When blandness visits, I examine
slip stitches to rejuvenate these
separated spheres …

and a treble stitch lifts me
as I face relentless anxiety;
in each space I walk,
her smile breathes,
those eyes eclipse my life.


25 responses to ““She Left Rampant Feelings Outside the Chinese Restaurant” The Sunday Whirl #86

  1. There is a magical mythical quality here – I keep returned to slip stitches.

  2. Overworked word, I know, but this is so pretty.

  3. She sounds like a lovely lady.
    Loved the flow of this, the treble stitches which lift you. Beautiful.

    • I have to say, Bren, your poem and Amy’s poem inspired me to write this piece. My mom loved to knit, crochet, sew, and she was an avid reader. The holidays always make me much more sorrowful to not have her around. I miss her every day, but you know how these holidays can be.

  4. I always come to your blog, knowing I will be changed by what I find, and today was no different. This is very special. One to keep and one to read again and again.

  5. How do you make snow?

  6. You extend the metaphor of a crocheted heart beautifully, Pamela. I loved every stitch.

  7. taught you to listen to the honey bees singing…how magical is that….very cool…the crocheting of the heart right up front grabbed me…

  8. Creatively wordled. So many unique images here. I like it. The title caught me!

    • Thanks, Peggy. Not real sure where the title came from, other than I have a craving for Chinese, and have fond memories of going to Chinese restaurants with my mom and dad. Very funny how the mind works, eh?

  9. Always curious and satisfied when I visit here Pamela. Love the revisited slip stitches and the soul’s coastal journey, but better, love the way you make words dance and retain a lushness on the tongue,


  10. Pamela- Lovely. I especially like the last two stanzas.

  11. Thanks, Laurie. 🙂

  12. Ooh, I love this: “her wisdom forged
    in absoluteness,
    far from the margin’s edge”

    This is awesome!

  13. slipped stitches – another beautiful piece, Pamela!

  14. Such a beautiful portrait of her.

  15. wonderful title, also love honeybees singing flowers, very nice throughout

  16. To have such treasured memories. I’ve actually been crocheting lately…
    using up odd yarn. Just the soothing repeated back and forth of single stitches. Perhaps creating memories for someone else.

    Thanks for your visit to my non-story piece. I think today actually my MIL gets a prosthetic eye to replace the one removed. We are all hoping that she will settle better once all the Doctor traveling is over. She is no longer the traveler she once was. I need to go over some old photos with her – but one time I did and notice that she was sad afterwards. I’m not sure if my knowing who and where are worth those memories for her. And yet she is the only one who can tell me…

  17. Unusual juxtapositions and phrases really work here pamela. My grandmother(who raised me) was a wonderful artist in crochet, making things so close to lace as to be almost indistinguishable. She never stopped crocheting, even when her eyes got bad, though she did have to quit the fine thread work for yarn and afghans. Thanks for reminding me of her here.

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