“An Origami Doll’s Self-Destruction” dVerse Open Link #74

She hangs a harmonious
past in visualised frames;

stacks of nursery-rhyme novels filled with
kisses and bedtime stories of princesses,
lotus flowers blooming in the swampy
night beneath emerald rubied hills, and
ponds with geese flying, clouds erasing
v-shaped in migration.

Smoke curls her fingertips by candlelit evenings;
is there a fire which has been forgotten?

In depth, cobalt cold, temporary
on this evening,
her velvet coat creates
a lissom swell on her thighs.
She walks where sidewalks
meet the road in intimacy.


37 responses to ““An Origami Doll’s Self-Destruction” dVerse Open Link #74

  1. Very nice Pamela, I love the ending!

  2. Your final two lines are killer! Love the acing, the read a loud…nice write!

  3. really nice visuals pamela….the question in the center really jumps out at me….that whole stanza actually really well placed and asked….where the sidewalks meet the road in intimacy, wicked line as well..

    • Brian, funny you should say that as it was the part of the piece, I liked and felt extremely uncomfortable with when I wrote it. Thanks, you are always so supportive.

  4. So much evocative imagery in this poem, Pamela! Lovely

    • Thanks, Mary. I felt sad reading your poem today. It was very good, it simply made me feel loss. I hope you are doing well.

      • Thanks for caring, Pam. Basically doing well…but there are memories and sadnesses, which I know is normal. Especially around special days such as holidays……

      • Of course I care, Mary. We go back a few years, and I remember our times together online very well. What a super lady she was. I know how the holidays can be, and how we miss those not around us anymore. It is natural. It is up to us to move forward and keep their memories precious, because that is all we have.

  5. So vivid, Pamela. I love your lotus flowers…

  6. I’m not sure what’s going on here but the title is very intriguing, and like Brian, I feel like that question is some kind of hinge: before it the angles of the frames (childhood fantasies), and after it smooth and graceful lines. I find myself thinking that it’s a poem about becoming, yet the title throws me off, places me on that cold, mysterious road….

    • Mark, she is either becoming, or she has already arrived and isn’t quite adjusting well. She is complete fiction, but there are some very real sections to her. If that makes any sense at all.

  7. Lovely write, Pamela. 🙂

  8. smooth write pamela: i feel soothed and at this late hour (just finished work)
    i needed some wind down PO. . . but i love that title and in relation to the sense of ease i recieved from the work it gives me something to think about as i chugg on this mug o’hot choc
    before hitting the hay . . .

    thanks Pamela 🙂

  9. Captivating. A great poem.


  10. dang you had me from the title…such a tight write pamela

  11. Some lovely images spring from reading this. Thank you Pamela

  12. This is a delight to speak out loud. The assonance in “kisses and bedtime stories of princesses” is especially good.

  13. Not sure of the meaning, but the images are fun. I was hoping for some hint of myth or story in the last stanza but left with hanging origami! Cool title and so much potential — a dream

    • Sabio, I am not one to explain my writing. The closest explanation you will get about this, is my response to Mark above. I am happy you see potential in this, thanks.

  14. Intriguing write specially this question :
    Smoke curls her fingertips by candlelit evenings;
    is there a fire which has been forgotten?

    Thanks for sharing ~

  15. nice one Pam…..love those last 2 lines

  16. She walks where sidewalks
    meet the road in intimacy.

    Just shows lots can be expected from small beginnings. Nicely Pamela!


  17. really beautiful imagery. there is something whimsical and yet mysterious about this piece.

  18. Very smooth yet finely etched imagery in this pamela. The use of color especially adds to the mood, making things appear and then mist out. As others have said, the poem is both soothing and questioning and ultimately, mysterious, which is a trait I love in poetry.

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