“On a Desert Road” dVerse Open Link #75

The crescent-bent moon
weigh’s against the stars
so I may know their value.

I walk through wild desert
flowers’ intimacy, relying on
the diplomacy of sand,

and converse with thorns threading
my veins to create a perfect
freedom emanating from planets.


18 responses to ““On a Desert Road” dVerse Open Link #75

  1. the diplomacy of sand…ha, ever shifting….the thorns and veins is a good and hard image as well…but is oft what it takes to find a perfect freedom…some really great touches in this pamela…

  2. What a wonderful write! Thank you!

  3. That first stanza is just perfection! Wow!

  4. ‘Freedom emanating from the planets’ —- wow. A wonderful thought. I want to know when and where. Smiles.

  5. I loved the idea of “diplomacy of sand” especially. Very nice! k.

  6. To me this poem is very avant-garde and truly a perfect piece of poem.

    check out my new blog.

  7. loving the opening stanza – anything with moon as a feature can come off as being overfamiliar, but your measure is so well judged you really narrow down the zone into a fine point for the reading . . . a well crafted, xmas-cracking read 🙂

  8. the diplomacy of sand….love this..

  9. Beautiful poem, Pamela .

  10. Add my echo on “diplomacy of sand”. Beautiful as usual Pamela. Hope you have a wonderful holiday,


  11. Strong, pretty imagery in these carefully laid-out tercets

  12. converse with thorns threading
    my veins to create a perfect

    Clever way of making incompatible situations compatible to each other. Nicely Pam!


  13. Pamelita, “the diplomacy of sand” is perfect. After all, it makes room for other things like plants yet still maintains its own sense of self. Perhaps the U.N. should think on this one. Thanks for your good wishes, and yes, you are truly “rooted” as well – but if you ever get a hankering for a bit of snow, you know where I am!! xo and Felicidades, Amelita

  14. This is an older poem, I guess, but had to comment. I just arrived in Palm Desert for four months. My soul is so at home in the desert and this is your poem is such a beauty!

  15. Beautiful, Pamela. I’ve always wanted to see the desert, now I want to even more.

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