“Lilacs Braided in Circles” dVerse Open Link #78

My grandmother’s ebony hair is
swept by the moon
as she negotiates round the
stars, setting difficulty aside,
believing in sincerity,
breaking the atmosphere,
avoiding conflict.

At night, she tells me stories,
every one a revelation,
floating away suppression’s surface.

Today, I search my closet,
caressed by faint cedar memories;
I listen to her whispers
tethered to the walls.


14 responses to ““Lilacs Braided in Circles” dVerse Open Link #78

  1. Love, love, love the final stanza, Pamela.


  2. Oh, nice. Especially like the first four lines and “faint cedar memories”.

  3. awww…the last stanza was the kicker…touching those memories of her…she seems a gentle spirit by your words…and gotta love the stories as well…smiles.

  4. love this portrait of the grandmother, especially the final stanza – but the whole had me savouring memories of my mother, who died recently

  5. Oh, Pamela… this is a treasure. I often think of my grandmother that way… her stories do live on.

  6. This is a wonderful, evocative poem.

  7. Nice, nice. Lovely ending.

  8. Beautiful….grandmother memories, for the most part, are beautiful….however they appear! I love the last stanza, Pamela.

  9. I wrestle with the images, ideas and memories of lost loved ones a lot . . . But quite get the feeling it keeps me honest and somehow true to the person
    that they wanted me to be 🙂 . . . But . . .

    You said it so much better than me 🙂

    all the best Pamela

  10. One yearns for the companionship and the guidance of someone close. This is more so when the person is no more nearby for offer the comfort! Nicely Pam!


  11. fond of ‘lilacs braided in circles.’..reminds me of my grandmother and her memories…;)

  12. Wonderful – especially faint cedar memories = Very nice. k.

  13. oh she sounds like someone i would’ve loved to meet and talk to a bit…a woman of wisdom…lovely portrait..

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