On Poetry’s Page The Sunday Whirl #91

Diminishing burden,
a lemon lives in this room;
glistening virtue, it
falls from heaven’s

On languid wishes it steps
delicious descriptive,
breaking mundane days,
resting in drunken ecstasy,
droplets bending citric; a
seductive temple
on poetry’s page.


23 responses to “On Poetry’s Page The Sunday Whirl #91

  1. That’s the way to ‘break a mundane day’…!

  2. Love heaven’s palace…

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    I bow before your lemon—and your art!

    Whirling with Bram Stoker

  4. wow…seriously…the second half of this pamela is righteous….tight poetic…and vivid…i like…smiles.

  5. Yes, each week you are better and better. Love this!

  6. Love the line, said so matter of fact-ly, ‘a lemon lives in this room’.

  7. “Droplets bending citric “ I love that. One of the best pleasures in the world must be to peel a lemon or orange. Nicley whirled! 🙂

  8. Oh Veronica – yes! That is the line that is staying with me… Lovely succinct and lovely.

  9. That whole last verse is a drop of lemony sunshine, Pamela. This is great!


  10. A feast of words, your piece drips delicious. I love this one, Pamela.

  11. Quite a refreshing wordle and fabulous title:On Poetry’s Page.:)

  12. Lovely lines – real poetry from the words!

  13. Pamela, lovely, like a dish that just needs a dash of lemon juice, some acid to brighten it up – that’s what your poem does.


  14. Pamela- Your words fill the room.

  15. Clever, clever, clever!

  16. I agree with Misky – a very clever poem and a completely different take from anything else I’ve read … droplets bending citric … mmmhmm – wonderful


  17. “Resting in drunken ecstasy” is a beautiful phrase. By far the most intriguing of the Wordles I’ve read so far, Pamelita. And the mention of the lemon made the back of my mouth “squirt”! Amelita

  18. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I am off to read yours now, Amy.

  19. Oh wow, this is lovely. You pulled me in with all of my senses – longing now for lemon! 🙂

  20. Bombastic brevity! Loving it and the imagery it conveys, Pamela!

  21. You have reminded me of that little ditty about the lemon tree…
    “Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.”
    You made lemon aide out of this wordle list 🙂

    Thanks for your visit!

  22. J Cosmo Newbery

    You won me with the ‘drunken ecstacy’!

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