“Gemelas” dVerse Open Link Night #80

Nested between taupe dreams,
of birth and death’s web,
oval symmetry of youth and
aging is captured in a basin.

Vulnerability views scenes,
pulling down finished
sheets of clay from the sky;
significance forms when planets
collide in unison of an omega ocean.


This sculpture is by a friend of mine, Canadian artist Erika Takacs. Please click on the link to find more of her fantastic art.


9 responses to ““Gemelas” dVerse Open Link Night #80

  1. Intriguing verse, and awesome sculpture !!

  2. wow really cool piece of art….makes me wonder at your friends interpretation of their own work…and interesting amalgamtion of images with the bowl, faces and web…i like your treatment of it as well…particularly, significance forms when planets
    collide in unison of an omega ocean.

  3. Lovely poem and a cool work of art.

  4. The imagery here is so creative. 🙂

  5. Wonderful pieces and very interesting poem. Sheets of clay from sky a kind of version of creation tale, it seems to me. k.

  6. Love your opening line Pamela, and it captures the sculpture very well, especially like taupe dreams,


  7. Thank you, Pamela. You captured the spirit of the sculpture wonderfully through your poetic interpretation.

  8. Thanks all. Erika, thanks for lending me your beautiful art work. I may have to try another Ekphrasis poem to your work someday. I am not that pleased with the results of this one.

I appreciate all comments.

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