“A Vortex into Differences” The Sunday Whirl #93

Mist rolls across me,
listening to charming spontaneity,
scattered sayings eclipse
drama, softly clinking glasses.

Chimes on the patio sing soulfully
as my jacket’s warmth escapes
when the wind skirts me raw.

Positive, passionate words
linger on endeavor’s
edge, leaving this scene
somewhat tattered for me; it’s
possibly the language difference, where
vowels extend an arc, and consonants

pleat the sun, like straw clouds on this
social gathering, forming curved
minutes in mirrors.


44 responses to ““A Vortex into Differences” The Sunday Whirl #93

  1. I like the use of ‘skirts’ here. Makes the wind sound like an irritating person :-). These lines read beautifully:
    vowels extend an arc, and consonants
    pleat the sun
    Good to see you. I feel like it’s been ages!

  2. I was captivated by the last stanza. Nicely written.

  3. I love it that consonants pleat the sun.

  4. smiles…like standing on the patio and listening to the shimes….even when the cold skirts us raw….ha…love that turn of phrase…..pleat the sun as well…

  5. I agree with all the above comments. Those phrases (pleeat..sun ect, are all lovely.

  6. Oh the wonderful world of a poet. I love it. Very well done Pamela. 🙂

  7. I’ve felt alone in a similar, but entirely different type of crowd…

  8. I liked skirts, too. This is good, Pamela. You and I are kindred spirits, I so often find myself in your words. Thank you. You made discomfort pretty with your words. I especially like your work with vowels and consonants.

  9. I love that the chimes were singing soulfully…I’ll think of that the next time I’m listening to the chimes on my balcony.

  10. The ending is lovely, Pamela.

    vowels extend an arc, and consonants

    pleat the sun, like straw clouds on this
    social gathering, forming curved
    minutes in mirrors.

  11. I love the vowels and consonants… esp. pleat the sun. So vivid, Pamela.

  12. You have presented a “somewhat tattered” scene well . . . subtle dissonance even among the softly clinking glasses – is there – maybe it is just the language difference. I get it – that feeling – as if I am there.

  13. I love Spanish, but there are times when I feel, shall we say, lost! Also, the people here have a sing song type of pronunciation, which is beautiful. Their vocabulary is much larger than where we lived for 6 years, so , I am building my vocabulary as well. However, sometimes it is a struggle.

  14. J Cosmo Newbery

    I found myself having a kind of fragmented view of your world, as if through a kaleidoscope, tumbling and changing.

  15. Hi Pamela – especially like the last two stanzas here – the passionate words lingering on endeavor’s edge – very well put. k.

  16. Pamelita, your use of the Wordle was extraordinary. “Straw clouds” and “pleat the sun,” really wonderful and inventive. Brava! Amy

  17. I enjoyed your encounter. At least a smile is universal.
    I also like that line about pleated consonants – some languages those same consonants are like sandpaper on rocks. A different type of music.
    Thanks for your visit to my Wordle this week 🙂
    Stay warm.

  18. Love those curved minutes.

  19. I know someone else already said it, but it bears repeating: you, my friend, make uncomfortable sound rich and beautiful. Super, Pamela,


  20. It is always an experience, even when I am uncomfortable at times. Thanks so much, Elizabeth.

  21. Even wearing the right clothes for whatever occasion does not always make us fit..the disconnect like a chinking glass or swish of fabric is hard to un-hear once it is inside..perhaps perhaps..

  22. Finally got the bright notion of subscribing to your blog through e-mail. I like this one, Pamela–and that you make the idea of a spoken language so visual. Spanish is a lovely thing to listen to, even with imperfect understanding, and you capture that here, along with a shifting and kaleidoscopic mood, like dappled light reflections off water.

  23. Beautifully done! It sings with thought.

  24. WOW! `vowels extend an arc, consonants pleat the sun’-stunning.

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