“Cerulean and Cilium” dVerse Open Link #81

Give me the morning, where light
slants its shimmer on birds
visiting my veranda’s flowers.

As I rest, eating a pear,
with each bite its skin bursts
smooth sweetness on my tongue.

Give me cool silent air, so I may wrap
its seductiveness around my shoulders,
breathing freshness where the day parts
satiny lips, enveloping minutes
to feel life’s consoling fingers.


14 responses to ““Cerulean and Cilium” dVerse Open Link #81

  1. This sounds so relaxing, Pamela. I love the way you wrote this scene. Love especially the first two lines of the last verse!

  2. mmm…i have pear trees out back…love eating them…i love hte cool air as well…breathing that freshness on a winter day….nice feeling coming out of this one pamela

  3. Pears bursting onto tongues and satiny lips – I need a lay down in a dark room for a minute – very sensual – beautiful !!

  4. oh that sends wonderful comforting showers down my spine..

  5. Sounds perfect…love the pear 🙂

  6. Mmmm – please can I have some too?!

  7. Phew! You’ve left me gasping for air. Delicious poetry.

    Mine’s HERE

  8. Love the sweetness of the pear and the start of a new day to enjoy the sunrise. Nice

  9. Super pretty poem. A pear an especially good medium for all this! k.

  10. translating a moment or movement of experience with a sharp shiver and juice: a great view! 🙂

  11. How lovely Pam! The perfect poetic words as always, it never varies. And to think you are all relaxed doing it. Nicely!


  12. This is such a happy poem. Beautifully written, too.

  13. like it much, especially 2nd line 1st S. great sound and feel

  14. A delightful picture, Pam, but oh so far away from grim wet Eastern England!

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