On the Road to Candelaria The Sunday Whirl #94

Sweet corn wishes sway fields near
highways where a fuss of poinsettia
and cactus live in harmony.

Everything clings to this Persian carpet land
in straight or jagged patterns,
a never waning interest proving
prayers of roadside crosses as
Virgin of Candelaria figures
rest ´neath guarding trees.

Her robes bust misery’s edges
with candle flames and
gathered myrrh, along this path,
to pull me again into this scene.


16 responses to “On the Road to Candelaria The Sunday Whirl #94

  1. What a vivid and colourful scene you set!

  2. I was hooked by the opening line..could hear the swish of her dress..see the patterns..almost smell the trees..

  3. Ah you had me at the title On the Road to Candelaria – flowing and lovely 🙂

  4. Great imagery. You had me at “Sweet corn wishes”.


  5. really nice opening line, it swirls the tongue as you say it….the straight jagged paterns on the carpet as well…very visual…i can see it…

    this would work as well for the shadows and light prompt over at dverse….just saying..smile.s

  6. Becoming a part of where we live – would you like some snow?
    Lovely setting…very peaceful.

    I went back to Salem, Mass. Though it was suggested that Joan of Arc also came to mind – in my non-story verse here:

  7. Nice, Pamela… I especially like:

    Everything clings to this Persian carpet land
    in straight or jagged patterns,

  8. It is amazing that so many wondrous scenes are missed by those that cannot see the beauty around them. Look and stories are there begging to be told and poetry sing. Great observation.

  9. Impressionistic… your imagery is colorful and lush.

  10. I know I have not visited here as much as I would like to but your site is still one of the most beautiful in the words you write. At this time I would like to pass on to you the Beautiful Bloggers Award. Take Care. http://reneejustturtleflight.com/2013/02/04/

  11. “Persian carpet land” is lovely phrase. Well done

  12. Nice one Pamela. I had visions of Mexico immediately. 🙂

  13. Love the entire poem Pamela, but that first line is wonderful and grabs the eye and ear,

    PS If you had trouble with the words, it doesn’t show. Your usual flow is far more evident.

  14. Beautifully descriptive. I love the scene you paint with these words, Pamela.

  15. Agh – I wish I were there right now! k.

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