“Hummingbird” The Sunday Whirl #95

She courts the day’s rarity —
coral-laden waves with iridescent
plumes — as the sky dries

She bathes morning’s
rainbow threads without
incident, opening the sun’s
sleeved warmth.

Bottled silken dreams
from heaven’s terms
hum and visit desert flowers,
a fluttering blue ball paling me.


16 responses to ““Hummingbird” The Sunday Whirl #95

  1. Great image… vivid!

  2. Wowza! This is stunning, Pamela. Lyrical and flowing.

  3. wonderful imagery in this…and what an interesting dance in your words one to the next….really nice flow…i like the sleeved warth of the sun…and the sky drying heartache…

  4. Lovely poetic use of the words – Amazing how they just blend in with the poetry!

  5. The flow of this piece was seamless as the reader was treated each vision.

  6. I would like to.spend a day with her

  7. Better to be paled than impaled, I would say! I love your take on the furious comings and goings of a hummingbird.

    Another Whirl with Yeats

  8. could you take the first stanza and use it as the beginning of a dozen more poems…? Please.

  9. The feel of the beauty and mystery of nature is really soft but strong in this, pamela–and the images as vibrant as a hummingbird’s throat. I admire your ability to condense so much meaning and color into three short stanzas.

  10. I look forward to spring and the return of these beauties.
    Thanks for this wonderful description.
    Thanks for visiting my wordle 🙂

  11. Pretty and lyrical. Reminds me of Holly Golightly.

  12. Your poetry is so lyrical and passionate. I am happy to have read your work.


    My New Blog: Our Virtue Smells like Jazz-Tampons. http://charliezero1.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/our-virtue-smells-like-jazz-tampons/ Your inputs are most appreciated.

  13. I can see her flitting about, almost manic, throwing off colors that glitter with the sun, and the sky dries heartaches. Beautiful Pamela,


  14. Wonderful! I can see her –

  15. Lovely. I like your use of `paling’ – very effective.

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