“Fuchsia Bougainvillea” dVerse Open Link #84

Subtle flower-wisps vainly lay beyond immoral grasp
in attitude respondent forcing bleak enabled mourning,
she waits unnoticed — stammered shakes unfold.

Still her garden swells fuchsia Bougainvillea,
ash-crevassed from last night as she reaches
for the hose to wash away dullness’s pain.

Sojourn significant, ambling obnoxious,
she bends at the tap of the swill effervesced,
’til later depressed by unthought mesmerizations,
belittled belongings or thud-like depressed,
in latitude likened to disheartened chasms
acknowledged torn antediluvian breast.

The phone seldom rings, invitations obscure,
tomorrow remembers its left-handed curse,
obsequious-tarnish, while dusk
settles attire, she is lost in his
secreted kiss.

And it never has ended like this,
but this time it has to forgo underlinings,
undressed yet forgotten in memory lost,
a loss so extreme as she lay down forgotten,
unsung, yet forgiven, unbound by its cost.

And the phone seldom rings anymore, and
she’ll never get up from the floor.


11 responses to ““Fuchsia Bougainvillea” dVerse Open Link #84

  1. Pamela, I see here an older woman, very lonely, having lost a love, now very depressed, and all she has is her memories. And the last two lines…well very, very sad.

  2. a loss so extreme as she lay down forgotten,
    unsung… oh heck..that made my heart bleed…

  3. Wow, Pamela, this is really packed full of emotion !!
    “she bends at the tap of the swill effervesced,” What a line !!!
    Outstandingly sad !

  4. Strong images and lines, and some nice use of internal rhyme all add to this intriguing poem.

  5. the loneliness in this is palpable…being left with no calls…a loss…i felt this one…and its hard….

  6. I felt this..so sad..strong lines.

  7. A bit of Miss Havisham about this old girl…

  8. This is so sad and heart breaking specially the last two stanzas ~

  9. to lie down and be forgotten among the flowers of blooming life. the irony of our journey here..thank you for your honest words

  10. Heartbreaking last lines “And the phone seldom rings anymore, and
    she’ll never get up from the floor.” Beautiful bougainvillea is one of my most precious memories of our time in Seychelles.

  11. hi pamela

    i do like your titles . . . they always appear ambitious and exciting ribbons that make me want to unwrapp the present poem . . . and this piece certainly stands out for me as a favourite . . . it too is ambitious in its linguistic – gymanastic but i really enjoy the shapes it makes in the reading . . . it manages to retain soul among the thrill of the words which is quite an achievement!

    great PO 🙂

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