“Los Sabados” dVerse Open Link #85

Standing like sentries on sidewalks,
cacti point prickly arms toward the
sun, revealing blooms decorating them
with delicate pink splashes.

At the market, lemons
are golden discs huddling in piles,
apples are sweeter, and berries burst
brightness in the morning.

Days are getting longer, and
words seem to lift
like a breeze coming down
the mountainside, moving
through the garden, where roosters
preen and prattle.


20 responses to ““Los Sabados” dVerse Open Link #85

  1. this sounds like a wonderful place…esp. love to visit farmer markets in foreign countries as they’re always such a slice of authentic life..golden lemons..hmmmm

  2. Your words flow like a warm breeze, sweet, colorful & inviting

  3. Wonderful imagery…invites all senses…and reminds ME of just how sick of our winter I really am!

  4. smiles…i feel the spring coming in your words…nice use of the lemons to bring color to the world…it is your last stanza though that really allowed me to breath in what is coming….

  5. Everything seems a little bit better, happier, richer, when one can see signs of spring in one’s life! I enjoyed picturing the roosters preening and prattling.

  6. This was so beautiful, and gently happy. You bring all the senses alive– so much color, bursting sweetness, and warmth. I could feel the sun prickling my back, the sting of lemon on my lips and tongue.

  7. Lovely feel of life awakening, pamela. Rich colors, and lots of lively language. Light at the end of winter’s tunnel, and I am so ready for it. ;_)

  8. I love the airy feeling to this, the light peacefulness to this. It makes me think of the first day of Spring. 🙂

  9. Rich color in this, lovely.

  10. Such “crisp” sensory detail, Pamela. You bring so much life to this moment in time.

  11. The roosters that wake you up, keep you up, and call all hours of the day. Thanks for taking me back to Mexico.


    Mark Butkus

  12. A lovely collection of multi-sensual images to remind those of us further north that spring is on its way.

  13. You took me right at the market, with the smell of fruits and the sounds of rooster ~ I wish spring comes sooner, than later ~

  14. i just love ‘berries burst brightness in the morning’ and ‘words seem to lift like a breeze coming down the mountainside..’ your poetry is filled with scents and colorful images, such a delight to read and re-read~

  15. Surroundings like that are definitely cause for a celebration, and your words do just that…!

  16. How beautiful. I makes me long even more for Spring weather to be here…soon.

  17. what are the chances of that, i have just been reading another poem with a cactus reference and it spoke volumes on other levels metaphysical where as your piece is very physical and sensual, packed with delight, colour and flavour . . . delicous is the coincidence, tasty is the light 🙂

  18. this feels joyful, fruit, flowers and prattling =)

  19. ..one of my favorite places to walk..an outdoor market when morning and spring are just beginning…sweet poem.

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