“Of Simpler Moments” dVerse Open Link #86

Weeping crones spin
lacy inflection, preying aghast
in moonlit reflection.

Serpents shed
skin beneath pitaya
as spiders
crawl slowly up
ruined walls.

The God of Fire holds court
at his temple, wrapped in roses
of tear-shed loss,
his flaming sword belies indignation
to those below — his subjects bow.

When I was a child these stories
enthralled me, their vivid allure
lit flame in my mind.

As I have grown older
in innocence’ blur, wistful remembrances
suffer my smiles for the lady who told them
as if she had seen them, dear to
me still in this sweet lullaby.


14 responses to ““Of Simpler Moments” dVerse Open Link #86

  1. You capture the feel of the old tales well, pamela–I never had anyone read them to me, but I managed to find them on my own, and how often I remember those bits and pieces of symbol and image, like the ones you paint here so skillfully. Just lovely.

  2. it is interesting the ones that stick in our heads…the ones told vividly…i heard much more the god of fire than a god of grace growing up….the keeping in line, instead of the keeping in love….

  3. I like the turn here midway between the mythical and fairytale to the memory of the telling. Lovely.

  4. Love it! Wonderful style and language. Reblog I must… 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Eric M. Vogt: Life-Writings and commented:
    You must follow this wonderful writer—she has written another masterpiece!

  6. I used to love those old stories… wish I could remember them well enough to pass on…

  7. Hi, I enjoyed the old world field. Nicely Woven!

  8. I especially love your first two stanzas. Really cool.

  9. I enjoyed this poem.

  10. Sweet lullaby? Some of those old stories were enough to give us nightmares for life. But your poem captures the fascination of a child with the chilling, gruesome aspects of myths and fairy stories. Remember the Snow Queen?

  11. I still like the old stories…really I do! They have stood the test of time, and I wonder how many of today’s tales will do the same!

  12. So vivid!

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