“Breezed” The Sunday Whirl #99

Small epiphanies leave windows ajar as
I wrap myself in your old sweater to watch
the sky’s painted scene.

I am an outsider, I feel far away
on this intimate evening, like written
words left somewhere to
disappear on wind’s wings.

My cat parts his way to drink from
his favourite cup; he lifts water
with his paw as droplets fall around
soft fur.

These small epiphanies are raw,
real, unrehearsed sprees of life.
I cannot reserve them for my dreams.

32 responses to ““Breezed” The Sunday Whirl #99

  1. I love the way your cat drinks! Good wordling.

    • Yes, Viv, when he first started doing this I was surprised, now he has his own John Lennon ceramic mug, which we give to him in the evening.

  2. Very lovely & intimate, the poem progresses quietly yet cumulatively, Pamela.

  3. Real life beats fiction, dreams every time…

  4. unrehearsed sprees of life….ha…i am all about that…cool capture of the cat as well…the second stanza is where the feeling is for me…nice pamela

  5. unrehersed sprees of life. Inspired!

  6. This is true, and beautifully put!

  7. I love those windows ajar..a tiny opening for dreams..if only real and dream sometimes swapped places..the water on the cat’s paw somehow touched me..i guess animals are in the moment dwellers..

  8. Each one of your stanzas contains an epiphany of sorts. Windows opened to a wider view, feelings like words that disappear, and the cat parting water, the symbol for all life. Wonderful writing as usual Pamela, filled with wisdom and a deep care for living.


  9. Your first line is lush and inviting. I love this piece, Pamela, and will visit it again. I also love where you took “written.”

  10. I love the way you use the small details, you really paint a picture!

  11. Nice… Small epiphanies leave windows ajar (wrapt in someone else’s old sweater), words disappearing on wind’s wings, cats parting the ways, all real and and can’t be dreamed…

    i reread again a few times and like…. Randy

  12. Beautifully expressed. Yes, oftentimes it is the small epiphanies that make a lot of difference in one’s life. I like the scene that you set in this wordle and the mention of your cat. Nice.


  13. Nice wordling–some lovely images and word use. I especially like the description of your cat drinking. Our cats used to do that–now we have only a dog and dogs are so much less gentile. LOL

  14. As often happens small things mean a lot! More so given the poet’s eye – always observant to small details that others miss! Our cat Clyde did just that before ( it passed on due to old age and we all cried when it happened) Nicely Pam!


  15. Nicely whirled Pamela. I thought only my strange cat drank like that! 🙂 I can completely empathise with seeing those small epiphanies, like the orange oil spraying from a breaking orange peel. Love it. 🙂

  16. I can definitely see that cat!

  17. Very clever use of the wordles. Vivid and interesting.

  18. I like the interruption of the cat to pull the speaker out of her(?) thoughts, and then she goes right back. It is a wonderful image. (and what a cool cat!)

  19. Beautifully done .

  20. Pamela, this is unique and well done.

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